#222 ‒ How nutrition impacts longevity | Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D


I am interested in understanding how low protein intake can go without dramatically reducing muscle mass maintenance while frequently providing muscle growth stimulus physically via resistance training. I realize the question is hard to answer without more details, such as Important shortages of any EAA, but if there is any evidence out there I’d appreciate a link.

This question comes up and is not answered on the video above.


Agreed. I’ve not seen good answers so far.

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It seems likely highly individual. Perhaps you can just lower intake by 1% every two weeks until you have trouble lifting the same weight and then bump back up? And if you have to take a break from exercise from sickness or vacation to take higher amounts to not lose muscle?
Anyone see any issues with this protocol?



Looks like I need (at the low end of the range of 1.2-1.6g/kg) around 110 grams per day (200 lbs). Since I cycle my protein to high after resistance training (3X/wk), I will try 45g on low days and 200g on high days. I’ll see what happens.

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