2024 Stacks, Biomarkers and Wishlist

As we enter the new year, I thought we would start with a new topic so we can ponder, tinker, and optimize more of what we do for longevity here.

  1. 2024: Top Supplements/Repurposed Medications and Why?
  2. Key Biomarkers You Track for Health & Stack Impact:
  3. Wishlist for Further Health Optimization:

I’m interested in blood pressure medication. What is most recommended in the longevity circles?

I haven’t done an exhaustive survey, but I have quite a bit of literature on the subject. For me, it is Telmisartan and I believe it is being tested in at least one longevity trial. If I see literature, that has a real trial, that another blood pressure medication is better or has been proven compared to Telmisartan to be more life-extending, then I will switch.