2024 Foresight Longevity Frontiers Workshop, July 2024 (Opportunity)

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July 28 -29, 2024, 9 am - 5 pm

The realm of longevity research, interventions, and therapeutics is ripe with new possibilities to innovate. Many of these opportunities are taken on by a growing industry via Foresight’s longevity frontiers workshops, The Longevity Prize, and the Longevity Biotech Fellowship program. The goal of the upcoming workshop is to take stock of the state of the art, and look ahead, at the nexus of emerging opportunities that could be turned into the next wave of innovations.

Join the 2024 Biotech and Health Extension Workshop jointly hosted by the Foresight Institute and Longevity Biotech Fellowship. We foresee a future free from diseases and aging, and invite top talented scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to help us build the roadmap and brainstorm new initiatives to bring it about. Top-rated projects are candidates for funding from the Longevity Prize or LBF Accelerator Fund. This year’s major focus areas include

  1. tools to accelerate progress in biotech,
  2. replacement based approaches to tackling aging,
  3. the gene delivery problem,
  4. cryopreservation science, and
  5. how to make scientifically rigorous health optimization convenient, compelling and affordable to all of humanity.

We invite leading researchers, entrepreneurs, and funders to spearhead progress at the frontiers. Explore new opportunities, form lasting collaborations, and join us in driving cooperation toward shared long-term goals. In addition to short presentations, working groups, and project development, we offer mentorship hours, open breakouts, and speaker & sponsor gatherings.

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