2017-2018: The rapamycin longevity movement starts?

It seems like around 2017-2018 something happened so that the rapamycin longevity movement started to grow fast. Do someone have any thoughts of what caused it? Was it some special study that was published? Or any announcement or seminar or anything else that could have caused it?

I actually don’t really agree that the rapamycin movement started growing fast in 2017 or 2018. I think that perhaps it did start growing, as the Dog data from the first study came out around then, and Matt started going on Podcasts like this in 2018 (see below). But if you look at the ramp on adoption in our surveys - you see most people are really starting to use it this year (people have less than a year’s experience using rapamycin). See this graph (not a perfect sample, but representative of the increase in awareness and use I think):

But yes, Matt’s first Dog Aging / Rapamycin study came out in 2017 and this was the first indication that the same benefits seen in mice seem to be translating to larger mammals:

And he was on the Peter Attia Podcast (which has well North of 100,000 listeners I believe) the next year:


Ah, really great with the statistics. Big thanks for pointing that out. I looked quickly at the statistics I have which is quite good aligned with the above.


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I think a big factor was Dr. Alan Green starting to prescribe rapamycin to patients in 2017.


Dr. Green opened his Rapamycin Therapy practice. First one.(March 2017) He was taking rapa himself, and wrote about it. No one had ever heard of Blagsklonny before Green brought his writings and teachings to the general public. Held his own clinical trial on himself. Also, the Mannick trial from 2014 was getting a lot of buzz.


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Is this timeline missing some important milestone in the Rapamycin history?


Love it! This is great Krister. I recommend you add your name to the bottom as the author /designer.


Thanks I think this image can be a puzzle bit to the infograpfics that I’m creating.

Probably good to add at least three more milestones

2019 Matt Kaeberlein starts taking rapamycin
2022 The PEARL human longevity trial is started

When did the second dog longevity trial start?


Agreed those are important mile markers. :ok_hand:

Did Dr Attia mention Rapa on Joe Rogan podcast?

Actually, I got interested in Rapamycin through Dr. Sinclair’s book - Lifespan. That really brought longevity to the forefront of media attention and Rapamycin as well through association.

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Good suggestions! Any more milestone? I have added for now the milestones as text here below so it’s easier to change (add/remove).

It would be nice to also put in Mikhail Blagosklonny’s contribution some how. He has published many good papers throughout the years but was it not especially one milestone paper he wrote (I think it was before Alan Green started taking rapamycin 2016)?

1965 Collection of soil samples on Eastern Island (Rapa Nui)
1975 Suren Sehgal discoveres rapamycin
1978 Discovery of rapamycin’s immunosuppressant properties
1984 Discovery that rapamycin inhibits cancer cell growth
1991 - 1994 Discovery of mTOR
1999 Rapamycin is FDA approved for organ transplant rejection
2002 Discovery of mTORC1 and mTORC2
2004 Pankaj Kapahi discovers that mTOR inhibition extends lifespan in flies
2006 Rapamycin researcher Mikhail Blagosklonny suggests that rapamycin could be a longevity drug
2009 ITP study on mice showed lifespan extension on young and old mice
2014 Rapalog improves immune system and response to influenza vaccine in human
2015 Rapamycin is FDA approved to treat lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)
2016 Rapamycin researcher Mikhail Blagosklonny starts taking rapamycin
2016 Physican Alan Green starts taking rapamycin
2016 Tim Ferriss, Peter Attia, David Sabatini and Navdeep Chandel podcasts from Rapa Nui
2017 Rapamycin in dogs is shown safe and has positive effects on their healthspan
2017 Alan Green starts prescribing rapamycin in USA
2018 Peter Attia starts taking rapamycin
2018 Peter Attia talks about rapamycin in Joe Rogan
2018 Rapamycin researcher Matt Kaerberlein is interviewed in Peter Attias podcast
2019 Matt Kaeberlein starts taking rapamycin
2019 David Sinclair publish Lifespan which has a section about rapamycin
2019 Rapamycin researcher Mikhail Blagosklonny publish a paper on rapamycin for longevity
2020 - 2021 Website rapamycin.news and different social media groups are started
2021 The PEARL human longevity trial is crowd funded by 243%
2021 Start of a clinical trial for monitoring lifespan and healthspan in dogs
2021 Statistics show that more people are starting to take rapamycin for longevity
2022 The PEARL human longevity trial is started
2022 FDA approves topical rapamycin gel for treatment of skin disease
2022 Ross Pelton publish the first rapamycin book
2022 ITP study on mice show positive results with combining rapamycin + acarbose

Any other milestone that is missing? Such as safety data more than FDA approved?


I compacted some of the information so here is the latest version


I have improved the timeline from different feedback. Added som more dates and corrected some others. This is the latest version. Let me know if something important is missing. Hard to put in everything :slight_smile:


In 1989 , Meiser et al[16] began to try to use RAPA as a new immunosuppressant for the treatment of rejection after organ transplantation


That is a great milestone, Lara! Big thumbs up!


What about David Sinclair confirming he takes Rapa in 2023 after indicating his interest in the drug in the 2022 Lifespan podcast (but flagging some concerns surrounding side effects).

He must be happy with the protocols now :+1:t3:


A little late to the party but you might add when the first commercial enterprise was formed to offer rapa to the masses. I don’t know what was first but I am buying from Healthspan gethealthspan.com


Super great reminder! Big thanks for that! Yes, that is a big milestone that needs to be added :heart: If someone stumbles upon his dose regime please let me know. I have contacted him through email and social media som time ago but have not got any answer yet.


When you say commercial enterprise you don’t mean a private clinic like dr Alan Green’s? Because he was the first one who really took the big step forward in this field and starting prescribing it to others.