10 years on Rapa 2mg/day-switch to weekly dosing?

I’ll have been on Rapamycin 2 mg/morning for 10 years as of October 2nd. I’m new to the forum, but where do I find the info if it makes sense to switch to weekly dosing? I’m a 45yof, getting about 5 hrs/wk focused exercise, work in an office, no kids, not anywhere close to menopause, but I’m not great at calorie restriction. A1c is 5.2, other labs are great, no other meds, just vitamin D and Resveratrol supplements. Suggestions if it makes sense to switch to weekly dosing, and also what to add to promote weight loss would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you have been on a daily dose for 10 years then you most likely take rapamycin for some medical condition (transplant? ) so ask your physician not the internet


Can you give us more background on why you have been on daily rapamycin for 10 years?

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Agree. The weekly dose is for the off-label goal of hopefully increased longevity. Weekly dosage is not used by people who are taking Rapamycin for medical conditions. +1 on taking advice on this only from your physician.