10 Glucose Hacks

She had me at number 1.

She’s very knowledgeable and a joy to listen to. I learned quite a bit that I will now incorporate into my meals. Especially a veggie starter and an apple cider vinegar starter.

Plus she’s a hot scientist :wink:


Here is more information about glucose spikes. These people (Kratz and Guess) are scientists who do research in this area. GG makes a nice video (I watched it) but I would not trust her with my health. That said, I do use several of her hacks: vinegar, food order, protein heavy breakfast.

Mario Kratz, PhD & Nicola Guess, PhD


Acarbose and fiber ftw

Mario Kratz has his own channel.

This guy is Type 1, but he gives good tips. He has vids testing types of bread, and fruit.


This is the other vlogger whose vids I watch. She has tested the hacks recommended by the Glucose Goddess. So we have an N=1 test to confirm. Below, she tested the ACV hack versus almonds, on 127 grams of ice cream. Almonds performed better post two hours, but ACV was better for her following morning fasting blood glucose. She provides charts in her video, of how the blood sugar rose and fell.

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Hope we get Arhu’s opinion here. Is one tablespoon of ACV in a cup of water bad for the teeth? If so, the almond hack may be the better alternative.

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