Youtube video "Longevity Influencers Are Killing You"

5 is scary. I take a lot of anti oxidants herbs like high gingerol ginger and Ceylon cinnamon daily, except on strength training days (once a week - body by science).

Yes. The half lives of skeletal muscle components are in the weeks to months range. Any extra muscle you build in youth or middle age will have turned over several times before you’re old, just like how any extra oxygen you breath is gone 10 minutes later.

Unless I missed something, the only reference he gives that might support high protein diets for longevity of healthy young or middle age adults is Naghshi et al.. The others are either about the elderly, or about building muscle without respect to longevity. My concerns are that the effect Naghshi found may be:

  • driven entirely by sick, frail, or old individuals, for whom extra protein would be useful
  • confounded by characteristics of the diet varying along with protein intake – for example total energy intake, fiber, or simple sugars
  • confounded by some obscure mix of behavioral factors, as is common in nutritional epidemiology

It would take some work to dig through all the component studies to see if these concerns are warranted. I con’t have time to do more than look at a few of the higher weighted ones, so any additional comment in that direction would be appreciated.

As a one-size-fits-all recommendation across the (often sedentary or unhealthy) population, modifying diet build muscle makes a fair bit of sense. But is that the best course for a hypothetical, already strong, 35 year old? Me? You?

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Not interested in long argument. The evidence says if you want to live long, you have to be healthy as an elder person. That requires avoiding frailty. Its much easier to keep muscle rather than add it on when you’re 70.
Stanfield, Attia, Kaeberlein, etc all agree.


Fracture risk and cognition are also important.
It quickly goes downhill for muscle mass/strength once someone breaks a bone or has a fracture that makes them less mobile. Decrease in cognition might lead to poorer diet and decision making leading to said injuries, etc.

How to have strong bones is very important as well.