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ALIKA’I San Marcos, United States HAWAI’IAN inspired hui based on the psycholinguistics mental wellness. Affiliated With: F INSTITUTE

De-AD Montreal, Canada We aim to reverse neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

Everlast Amman, Jordan a holistic solution blending software and hardware to meet psychological, emotional, and practical needs It offers personalized scheduling, fitness tracking, mood monitoring, and virtual companion creation via its app. A hologram gadget brings virtual personas to life. The premium version provides specialized mental health services like virtual psychiatric consultations. serves diverse users, including those with autism, ADHD, loneliness, grief, and astronauts. It aims to revolutionize wellbeing

Healthspan Reimagined Reno, United States Dedicated to BESTEN-ize Quality of Life (QoL) and Health-span for seniors, leveraging advanced AI solutions. http://www.bestentech.com/

Kimera Labs Miramar, United States The fundamental purpose of Kimera Labs is the advancement of the human health through the revolutionary technology of our clinical grade MSC derived exosome products. Founded in 2012 by Duncan Ross, Ph.D., Kimera Labs has been the leader in the field of MSC exosome production and isolation. Using advanced, proprietary, exosome isolation technology, Kimera produces the highest-purity MSC exosomes at scale to enable clinical development of novel, exosome-based, therapeutic modalities. https://kimeralabs.com/ Kimera Labs Inc | LinkedIn

Renewal Bio Rehovot, Israel Renewal Bio is based on breakthroughs research from Jacob Hanna’s lab at the Weizman institute. Published on the cover of Nature in 2023 (see: Volume 622 Issue 7983, 19 October 2023) the technology enables creating Stembriods - human stem cell derived embryo models. Can be used in longevity as a source for young, genetically identical replacement therapy.

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Avos BioGen Washington, United States Avos BioGen, positioned at the confluence of plant molecular farming, microbial utilization, and advanced AI quantum biology, encompasses synthetic biology, energy crops, biochar, composts, and microbial feedstocks. This strategic inclusion enhances adaptability and scalability across industries. The integration of plants, yeasts, and microbes in the Avos approach extends beyond bioremediation, incorporating biodiversity monitoring, biomedicine production, and biotechnology development. Affiliated With: iCON Next Gen Technologies Metaverse United Black Meta Agency Ahura AI The Marcus Garvey Institute of Human Development Avos BioEnergy http://avos.bio/

Intervene Immune Los Angeles, United States At Intervene Immune we are developing treatments for the safe regeneration of the thymus, seeking to prevent immune system aging. In our TRIIM pilot study we demonstrated reversal of immunosenescence and epigenetic aging, two leading risk factors for human morbidity and mortality. We are now enrolling volunteers age 40 to 80 in a larger clinical trial named TRIIM-X, where interim data has shown clear evidence of functional benefits for individuals as well. Affiliated With: Intervene Immune http://www.interveneimmune.com/

Legacy Health Australia Sydney, Australia Legacy Health is a private health consulting firm who have developed unique Australian ingredients for the health and wellness community. Having been involved with and launched thousands of complementary medicines in the last 15 years, Legacy Health are well positioned to tackle global health issues using their experience in complementary medicines with access to completely unique ingredients from the outback of Australia.

Longevity Immunotherapy Irvine, United States Immunis is a private biotechnology company developing secretome products to address age-driven decrements to immune function, muscle maintenance and metabolism. We are partnered with the Human Immune Project, whose goal is to generate multi-omic immunological baseline data that reflects the diverse human population across age, geography, health conditions, sex, and socioeconomic status. Affiliated With: the Human Immunome Project https://immunisbiomedical.com/

Nicholson Science Tampa, United States I am Bubba Nicholson. I am not a physician although I went four years to medical school offshore because they accepted older people. I was expelled right before graduation because of a lab accident that involved my dean of clinical science. She’s fine, but her feelings were hurt artificially. I’m a genius, realizing it early and seeing the need for social, medical, and economic advancement, I’ve husbanded my genius. I have fed it with genius blooming life conditions. http://www.independent.academia.edu/BubbaNicholson

Prognica Dubai, United Arab Emirates We have a strong team including AI experts, researchers, doctors. Deans and professors from Yale & Brown University as advisory board members. http://www.prognica.com/ Prognica Labs | LinkedIn

QuantumBio Innovations San Diego, United States QuantumBio Innovations is a pioneering team dedicated to revolutionizing biotechnology and personalized medicine through the integration of quantum computing and generative AI. The mission is to advance pharmacokinetic rate constants determination, driving innovative drug development strategies and empowering practitioners to deliver tailored treatments for individual patients. With a focus on research and innovation, we strive to unlock new frontiers in healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

RenovaCode Therapeutics Buenos Aires, Argentina Our team is dedicated to improving the quality of human life by developing innovative techniques that reverse the aging process. We are committed to researching and applying solutions that help prevent age-related diseases, enabling people to live healthier and more active lives. With a focus on science and technology, we seek to address the challenges of aging from a holistic perspective, promoting a future where wellness and longevity are within everyone’s reach. https://twitter.com/MarcosArrut RenovaCode Therapeutics | LinkedIn

West Niall Prince George, Canada Base-375 Combined and Lithium combined with Quantum Computing Could Assist with humans living longer and more healthy things and I can prove it >:)

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2D LLC Precision Fermentation Laguna Hills, United States We are a biotech company HQ in the US with 4 branch/partnership companies globally.

AdventHealth Center for Healthy Aging Orlando, United States Our team has an extensive track record of clinical translational intervention studies in aging, weight loss, exercise, muscle, and brain health. We have expertise with deep phenotyping of body composition and tissue specific metabolism using state of the art approaches coupled with molecular omics characterization of muscle, adipose and blood tissues. This allows us to characterize intervention effects (drug, exercise, weight loss) from molecule to participant to improve Healthspan. Affiliated With: AdventHealth University of Florida

Aleutia Greenville, United States We believe a drug can extend healthspans

Athena Healthspan Menlo Park, United States Athena Healthspan is pioneering superior AI-driven health optimization solutions with 360-degree patient insights. Athena consolidates full-spectrum patient data from diagnostics, wearables, and patient interactions, accelerating optimal health outcomes and biological age reversal. Created by serial conscious entrepreneurs with expertise in AI, Tech, and health optimization, we share a vision to make optimal healthspan and longevity accessible to everyone. https://www.athenahealthspan.com/

Healthspan as a Service (HaaS) Bucuresti, Romania The team was created In 2018 when we launched a premium nutrigenetic test “GenetX”, in 2020 we pivoted based on customers’ feedback to develop the B2B2C web app NutriCare.Life to ease the test advice implementation and now we developed a B2C mobile app to support users to be their nutritionists/lifestyle coach https://www.nutricare.life/ NutriCare.Life - Healthspan as a Service | LinkedIn

MoglingBio Cincinnati, United States One cause of stem and immune cell aging is the hyperactivity of CDC42, a protein that leads to a loss of cell polarity and function. We develop CDC42 inhibitors/attenuators like CASIN, that reverses the cell polarity, and by that rejuvenate the stem cells, leading to meaningful cell function gain. Old mice live longer when treated with a CDC42 inhibitor. The MoA showed promise in different other cell types too (mesenchymal stem cells, hairfollicle stem cells). http://www.moglingbio.com/

NanoApps Medical Vancouver, BC, Canada, Canada NanoApps Medical, Inc. was incorporated by Frank Boehm in 2009 with the goal of developing advanced nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the benefit of humanity. Affiliated With: NanoApps Medical, Inc. NanoApps Athletics, Inc. https://www.nanoappsmedical.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-boehm-7abb4034/ https://twitter.com/Nanoappsm

QANA Bolton, Canada Still at it …

Reset and Reborn ???, United States We are a company deeply invested in the field of life extension, with a commitment to extending human health span and improving quality of life through cutting-edge technology and scientific research. Our focus lies in understanding the mechanisms of biological aging and developing innovative treatments and technologies to slow this process. Our goal is to create a future where everyone can enjoy a healthy and vibrant life.

SafeGuard Surgical Tampa, United States SafeGuard Surgical provides biodegradable surgical devices that will ensure safer surgery for superior patient outcomes while reducing costs, preventing additional surgical interventions and reducing patient length of stay, but most importantly preventing mortality and morbidity which is much too common risk from surgery.Affiliated With: SafeGuard Surgical https://safeguardsurgical.com/ https://linkedin.com/companysafeguard-surgical

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I have noticed they have deleted two more of the test entries. Hence next time I give a number it will strictly be an increase of 2 more (to cover the test entries) although they may also add test entres.

It seems that the number of teams being added is now relatively low as it is still at 274. Hence I may not check it as frequently.

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A NEW DIMENSION San Jose, United States Team members are US pharma veterans, academic leaders. Have been involved many drug development programs and understand very well the product profile that would need to develop a product with a profile that would be useful. We understand that pharmacology is critical, safety and tolerability is essential for a successful outcome. Team members experience spans from discovery, to pre-clinical development, to clinical development, approval and launch of a therpeutic/supplement. http://www.aayamtx.com/ Sundeep Dugar - Aayam Therapeutics | LinkedIn

DAIGO TOKYO, Japan The project “DAIGO” delivers the ultimate solution for our health by leveraging our asset, the world’s largest strain of lactic acid bacteria. Our target is the human intestine, and we will achieve rejuvenation from the inside out by utilizing Probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria, Prebiotics such as dietary fiber and oligosaccharides that are useful for lactic acid bacteria, and Biogenics such as butyric acid and propionic acid, which are substances produced by lactic acid bacteria. Affiliated With: ALA corporation MSD inc.
Docturnal Austin, United States We are a team of Acoustic Specailists, Epidemiologists, Computer Science & Data Science professionals that have solved some of the most complex problems in the CardioPulmonary space. https://www.docturnal.com/ https://twitter.com/docturnal_india Docturnal Private Limited | LinkedIn

Eternal Vitality Titans Gainesville, United States We have assembled an outstanding multidisciplinary team of experts from several different institutions. The investigators on our team have specific clinical trial experience in lifestyle interventions involving calorie restriction, exercise, intermittent fasting and natural compounds to address the biology of aging and improve functional outcomes in older adults. Further, our investigative team has expertise in the biology of aging and translational science studies

EVALUTION Pahrump, United States We are going to win this prize and then give it away as scholarships . I can cure the common cold, the flu, Covid-19, food poisoning, dirrhea, and relieve Migraine pain with one natural medicine. There is no question that it is going to win a Nobel Prize. It’s only a matter of when the world pulls its collective head out of the sand and confesses what some scientists already know. Every single thing on Earth has a natural enemy and none of them are chemical cocktails concocted in a laboratory. Affiliated With: Universal LIfe Church ICC http://bbwolfebooks.wordpress.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-ramos-jr-39546b203/

Folk-medicine derived longevity natural products Boston, United States To improve healthspan, our team focuses the discovery and application of longevity-promoting agents. Identifying longevity-promoting natural products has been a long-standing challenge. We have built a platform to address this need. Built upon this success, our team will: 1) identify more longevity compounds; 2) characterize their mechanism of action; and 3) explore their potential in improving healthspan. Pinghua Liu | Chemistry

Hago Biosciences Camarillo, United States Our team is dedicated to reaching longevity escape velocity. https://hagoenergetics.com/

McGill Healthy Aging Initiative Montreal, Canada Our overall hypothesis is that musculoskeletal health is intricately linked to healthy aging by promoting mobility, preventing injuries, managing pain, maintaining bone density, enhancing balance and coordination, preserving the immune and cognitive systems, and improving overall well-being. Our teams focus on identifying interventions that target muscle and bone aging while at the same time increasing lifespan and healthspan via their cross-talk with other organs and tissues. Affiliated With: McGill University Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre Schouela CEDurable Centre of Exvellence for Sustainable Health of Seniors Themes - Metabolic Disorders and Complications Program - Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre - RI-MUHC

reOrigin Nanjing, China We are a collaborative team of scientists, researchers, and clinicians affiliated with the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine at Southeast University (Nanjing, China).

Transhumangene Los Angeles, United States TranshumanGene leverages advanced AI to generate massive genetic mutations for drug discovery and development. Utilizing probabilistic genomics and predictive models, the project focuses on the creation of virtual molecules and microRNAs to enhance human genomes and combat diseases like viruses, antibiotic-resistant microbes, and cancers. The integration of supercomputing and quantum computing facilitates precise genomic simulations, propelling innovations in longevity and healthy aging. Affiliated With: Transhumangene Robotics.it http://www.transhumangene.com/ Maurizio Viviani https://twitter.com/digimatronics Maurizio Viviani - San Francisco Bay Area | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Verde Vitals LLC San Diego, United States Verde Vitals, San Diego, CA, USA, focused on alleviating osteoarthritis (OA) related joint pain and improve blood glucose control (reduce HbA1C and glucose spike) in type 2 diabetes (T2D) using All Natural, Low Glycemic plant-based food. Chronic inflammation is root cause of most of the diseases and aging related complications. Reducing chronic inflammation will slow down OA and T2D progression resulting in reduced pain and better blood glucose control. https://www.verdevitals.com/

YouthRenewal Sciences Glendale, United States YouthRenewal Sciences is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to revolutionizing the field of anti-aging research and therapy. Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in cellular rejuvenation and regenerative medicine, YouthRenewal Sciences is committed to developing innovative treatments that target the underlying mechanisms of aging at the cellular level. http://www.forgeddroids.com/


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AGE-GRACER Petaling Jaya, Malaysia We are a healthcare startup which unites biomedical science and technology to move the needle and make muscle health a topic of wellness, not illness.

Aviv The Villages, United States Aviv Clinics is reshaping the future of health. The team of aging experts is dedicated to closing the gap between lifespan and healthspan by treating age related cognitive and physical decline and impacting the the biology of aging. Based on over a decade of research and development, the Aviv Medical Program is the only proven protocol to improve biomarkers of aging. with operating clinics in Florida and Dubai, Tthe team has a vision to scale their research and program to enact global change. Affiliated With: Aviv Clinics School of Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel Shamir Medical Center, Israel https://aviv-clinics.com/ Aviv Clinics | The Villages FL Aviv Clinics | LinkedIn

Bio-Bruins Greenville, United States We are a team of biotechnology students and faculty scientists at Bob Jones University, who are teaming up with local businesses, agencies, and like-minded scientists to explore biomarkers and develop therapeutics that help reverse age-related disease symptoms. We have projects focused on biomarker discovery, epithelial permeability, and therapeutics for reversing neurobiological symptoms related to loss of cognitive function, dementia, or seizures. http://www.bju.edu/

E-Liza Antwerp, Belgium E-Liza team was created by Professor Afsaneh Gaillard and a father of a disabled 13-year old daughter - Alexandre Varvarenko. Afsaneh Gaillard invented, tested and proven that her methodology of re-programming neurons, and using stem-cell therapy can fully recover a damaged brain. To prove this, Afsaneh Gaillard has carried our lab tests on mice and rats. It is to hold final tests on lab-grown monkeys that is the last step towards the final use of this therapy on humans. Seeking EUR 900.000. Affiliated With: University of Poitiers, France Motac France Sarl, France

HumanGood Duarte, United States We are HumanGood, the largest non-profit owner/operator of continued care retirement communities and affordable housing for seniors in California and among the top 10 in the United States. Our unique culture of resident inclusion, married with our innovative and thoughtful approach to deploying cutting-edge technology and therapeutics puts this Healthspan competition squarely in our backyard. Let us help you refine and perfect your Healthspan solutions with decades of experience in senior care. Affiliated With: HumanGood https://www.humangood.org/ HumanGood | Duarte CA HumanGood | LinkedIn

IGC Pharma SAS Bogota, Colombia We are a subsidiary of IGC Pharma Inc. Our team of 30 is dedicated to Alzheimer’s research . The team includes expertise in neuropsychiatry, neurochemistry, neuroscience, and psychology, expertise instrumental in navigating the difficult landscape of neuropsychiatric symptoms and aging. Our AI team has vast experience approaching medical and biomedical issues with machine and deep learning. We work closely with two leading Colombian Universities, Los Andes and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. https://igcpharma.com/ IGC PHARMA | LinkedIn

Initiate Age Reversal Auckland, New Zealand A global consortium of longevity experts, doctors and researchers seeking to extend healthspan via interventions that target the Hallmarks of Aging.

Life University and The 100 Year Lifestyle Marietta, United States Our team consists of a university brain-body research laboratory and international healthy longevity framework that have been combining their resources and unique abilities for decades. Together, we represent an integration of research, clinical practice, and personal lifestyle education. We are committed to exploring the upward limit of healthy longevity potential from a wholistic perspective while honoring the unique biology of the individual. Affiliated With: Life University, Inc. The 100 Year Lifestyle

svexa Menlo Park, United States The founders possess decades of expertise spanning human biology, digital health, precision medicine, genomics, data science, AI/ML, exercise physiology, and elite sports. Recognized as industry thought leaders, they have authored hundreds of scientific publications and books, and provided strategic counsel to numerous startups. Additionally, several team members have dual proficiencies as athletes (including Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions) and experts in human biology and technology. https://svexa.com/ svexa | LinkedIn

Tune Bend, United States At Tune, we are transforming telehealth with the world’s most accurate AI food logger. Dietary data is missing from the treatment process that impacts over 150M Americans with eating disorders (30M), diabetes (38M) and IBS (52M) as conventional food logging tools are cumbersome and inaccurate. From a 5 sec video or photo, our system can currently measure calories and macros with 78% avg. accuracy. ChatGPT4 by comparison, tested at 30% accuracy for calories and macros. Our secret sauce is LiDAR.

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There seem to be a ton of groups that are way out on the fringe here and that have little evidence supporting the idea of healthy lifespan extension. I suspect the groups will be filtered out pretty quickly as they move forward and the active list will be much smaller in a year or two.



AgeX Berlin, Germany Making use of foundation models for target and treatment discovery for aging.

Autologous HSC Regeneration Tahoe Vista, United States My team consists of biomedical, biotechnical, wellness, pharmaceutical and technology innovation veterans, researchers and entrepreneurs unified in their desire and commitment to bringing a powerful stem cell manufacturing protocol to the world which enables the re-origination of critical organs and system in humans. https://www.autoregenic.com/

Biotanium Kisumu, Kenya, Kenya Will include professionals from sectors that span medical and nano tech sectors

Elaya Inc Toronto, Canada Elaya develops technologies for phsyiotherapy delivery to reduce muscle wasting and weakness. http://www.elaya.ai/

Fuel vs Taste Los Angeles, United States By teaching people how to seperate their psychological desire for taste in the mouth from the opportunity to fuel the body with optimal nutrition, regardless of taste. All of a sudden, we can teach more people to eat a perfect diet, while seperately satiating their taste buds and cullinary pallette. By choosing what to digest. And what not to. We can bypass, the psychological barrier which creates the hardest part of getting people to choose to digest perfect nutrition every day.

iX Biopharma Melbourne, Australia Our team has developed a patented sublingual wafer technology known as WaferiX. It delivers unique molecules directly into the body skipping the usual conversion process used by the gut. https://www.ixsyrinx.com/

Project Serotonin San Francisco, United States Project Serotonin is a 8 year journey of a 21 member multidisciplinary founding team of PhDs in nutrition/biochemistry, hardware & software engineers, and designers to build an industry first digital health platform for precision nutrition & healthy aging. We’ve spent 8 years of R&D and over 250,000 hours of human effort to create the most rigorous, scientific & evidence informed protocols for preventive health and longevity. More details on www.sr.tn http://www.sr.tn/ Project Serotonin LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn

RESUME Nijmegen, Netherlands RESUME is a team of immunologists, molecular biologists and bioengineers from Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen and Eindhoven University of Technology, both in the Netherlands. RESUME has access to the network and database of the international Human Functional Genomics Project (www.humanfunctionalgenomics.org), coordinated by Mihai Netea, and the nanotechnologies of the Center of Translational Immunology (www.cti.bio). Immune aging is one of the main focuses of both these initiatives. Affiliated With: Radboud University Medical Center

Simply Restore Cleveland, United States The team is focused on development of a method of health restoration for the elderly that will be scalable to a large percentage of the world’s population–not exclusively to those in resource-rich regions of the world. This goal demands a treatment method that is not only effective but inexpensive and reproducible in low-resource environments. While the team vision of world-wide applicability is challenging, it is absolutely necessary in order to provide the maximal benefit to humanity.

Space Seed Tokyo, Japan Our company was founded to support the implementation, promotion, and development of research and development with the keyword “space”. We would like to contribute to a wider range of industries by applying our experience in the industrialization of biological resources to the field of “space”.

Totem Bear Bucaramanga, Colombia We are a team specialized in the development of artificial intelligence and quantum computing models. Our focus lies in studying and researching how genes and proteins influence aging and immune responses in the human body.

TRV-UNIVERSOS Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico Apasionados por la ciencia y tecnología aplicada al rendimiento humano, calidad y salud “UNIVERSO DE POSIBILIADES”

Vitality Vanguard 5020 Salzburg, Austria Embark on a transformative Healthspan journey with Vitality Vanguard’s Rejuvenation Odyssey. Our manifesto forges a holistic path to vitality, blending exercise, nutrition, and mental agility into a vibrant health continuum. We lead the charge in redefining longevity, inviting you to join a life lived with purposeful vigor. As pioneers at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, we navigate the complexities of health, crafting a future where every year is a triumph of wellness. https://twitter.com/GottliebWKeller https://www.linkedin.com/in/gottlieb-w-keller-19bba9229

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