Where to buy quality Rapamycin Titanium dioxide free?

Do we know the difference between classic indian rapacan people use here and rapamune ? I mean the patented crystal technology is in it ? or they just use classic enteric coated ?

I just ordered from LC laboratories 2 x 50mg to make my own acid resistant capsules

Do you know how much volume 100mg of pure 99% rapamycin is?

Look up the photo I posted on another thread compared to 1¢ coin.

The Pfizer rapamune uses nanocrystal technology to increase bioavailability (by about 30%) - see here: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

The generics produced by Zydus, Biocon, etc. have not been well evaluated (to the best of my knowledge) by anyone here, to do a good comparison from a technological standpoint. It would take some digging into possible patents by the companies, etc., and the information may not be available.

The information we have gotten, from people doing blood tests after taking the generics, is that the generics all seem to work pretty well in terms of bioavailability (you can search here in our forums for people reporting on their blood test results).

But, nobody has, I believe, done a head to head comparison (via blood work) of the branded Pfizer Rapamune vs. the generics. It would be interesting, but whatever the case they are not too far off from each other.

Depends on what you read, I guess. This is a new study published this month. Using titanium dioxide nanoparticles, it found no adverse effects in a subchronic rodent study in dosages up to 1000 mg/kg.

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One could simply ask Dr. Matt K why he uses the generic for the Dog Aging Project

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Why so ? believe me we can divide the dose very well in my lab : we will mix it along acacia fiber and place it into capsule DRcaps just for me ^^

Btw : why is R L PHARMA, NIBA HEALTHCARE, 120$ including shipping for Rapacan… And Dropshim MD like 250$ ?! why such a difference. Both are listed as trusted and sell the same brand with same origin…

Thanks and I do understand this. But also keep in mind the bioavailability, unlike most people think, is not just an AUC in serum of a certain compound. Its also about how it can enter into different tissue like brain (BBB) or the affinity it has with cells membranes. For instance, we could speculate that higher blood serum of the molecule means less distributed in tissue. See its a complicated topic and we want Rapamycin to act in our entire system. If I could sell it, I would have made liposomal structure of it