When NOT to take Rapamycin

I have been on Rapamycin for a long time (small dose), but my WBC has never been that low. The lowest I had for 12 mo period was 4.22. The last one (after Covid, 12/29/22) was 5.08, and on 12/5/22 it was 6.03.


My WBC was low before I took Rapamycin. I hypothecate that this is because I have increased the ability of my cells to fight infection using NF kappa B and cytosolic ROS. In 2021 I had one blood count at WBC 4.34 2022 and 2023 have all been under 4.

Morgan Levines phenoage algorithm has low WBC as being good. (in the sense of a lower mortality).

In 2022 and 2023 I have not really had any macroscopic signs of infection. I am pretty certain I have been infected because I was exposed to infection via my family. If anyone wants to see the WBC figures I can copy them into the forum.


The last thing you want to do is suppress your immune system when you have COV.

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My WBC went from 3.9 on May 5th to 3.4 on June 8. I started a five day water only fast on May 5 after my blood was drawn. Most of my markers improved, some significantly, but that one was an outlier. I have no idea if it was a result of the fast. I had not started taking rapamycin at that time.

Want to correct myself: I did not mean “preventive” prescribing of antibiotics as prescribing without having a bacterial infection. A better wording would be “taking antibiotics at a very early stage (with onset of coughing when having Covid) with the purpose of preventing that infection from becoming pneumonia couple weeks later. My mother almost died of undetected pneumonia. Her doctor did not order X-ray and did not prescribe an antibiotic on time. Three weeks later he gave her an antibiotic when her pneumonia was already full grown. One can only imagine the damage that was done to a 90 yo because of his fear of antibiotic resistance.

I have been measuring WBC for quite some time. I have not noticed any meaningful trend since starting rapamycin and it varies up and down from test to test. My current WBC after taking relatively high doses of rapamycin for over a year are

I read today that Pfizer is being investigated by the CDC for their booster shots. We refused to take the boosters due to so many people having a bad reaction, especially coughing and breathing problems. I’m sure the Rapamycin is not causing the problems


Back on rapamycin as of yesterday. 3mg with gf juice. The only thing I noticed was that my sense of smell was better. This was quite unexpected. Covid did affect my taste and to a lesser extent, sense of smell.