What are the Best Medications for Longevity?

I accept that EMS is a different league.

This is what I bought:

As I see it it has the potential of adding benefit to routines I do normally.

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Looks like great one - unfortunately Amazon does not let me order it from the US

I just picked up a good smaller/medium-sized backpack on Craigslist and add zip-lock baggies full of sand from the local beach into it. Make sure it has a good hip belt as most of the weight will go there, and its a good day pack that you can use for other hikes (if you do that).

I picked up something like this, used but basically new (I’m in the SF Bay Area, so of course it was something that his work had given to him and he already had something like this) for $100.




I’ve found it useful to alternate between using the hip belt and as often as I can NOT using the hip belt

That helps be build more back, shoulder and core strength vs “just” leg strength, and also helps build stronger bones in also the spine.

(This is also the reason why the vests that @John_Hemming and others have mentioned are exciting from my point of view)

For longer walks when the backpack is packed heavy once my back and shoulders are too fatigued I buckle up the hip belt and can then continue on further.

(Btw, one thin people creating there own packs might want to optimize is having the weight allocated as close to the back and spread out along the back as possible - that is how the brands that have done R&D for optimal set-ups have designed theirs)

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Good point. I agree. I’m training for a long 60 mile backpack later this summer so I’m partly also getting my body used to carrying larger weights for long periods of time, but your point is well taken.

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Sounds fun! What trail / area will you be hiking?

I have a response from Katalyst

a) It only works with Apple
b) They don’t ship to the UK.


Hey Rapadmin,
I’ve looked at some research pages and found that Resveratrol can help with anti-aging. This is based on those studies, not on any AI bot. Here sharing a ss.

Thanks - but that is a mechanistic study. You will be very hard-pressed to find any mouse lifespan studies (other than those by David Sinclair who fed controls a high fat diet that killed the controls prematurely). Please - I highly recommend you listen to the discussion of resveratrol with Peter Attia and Richard Miller (of the National Institutes on Aging, Intervention Testing Program):


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll definitely check out the discussion with Peter Attia and Richard Miller for more reliable information on resveratrol.

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Dr. Brad weighs in on the meds he is and would like to take.

  1. Finasteride
  2. Rosuvastatin
  3. Ezetemibe
  4. Empagliflozin

Amazing. Of the 4 I’m too afraid of 1 and refuse to take another. I take the other two.


Fwiw, to pile on….

my PT (aka my witch doctor, who is the most talented professional I’ve ever met) was not thrilled I bought a Go Ruck backpack (he said stop doing everything Attia tells you to :), and he thought I should have one with a hip belt.

Not sure if this was specific advice for my body or everyone in general.

Interesting. I’ve not seen any studies of the biomechanics and physiological impacts of Rucking style vests vs. backpacker style packs. I really wonder if they’ve ever been done and what the end points we’d target if doing the comparison.

It seems the goals are slightly different; the rucking backpacks are designed (I think) to help you build up your “core” fitness perhaps (I’ve actually not seen the design goals behind these packs - so I’m not sure on this) vs. the backpack designs which are working towards the goals of making it the least harmful and tiring for you to carry significant amounts of weight long distance.

I’m a backpacker… and so I know more about that area and how the designs have evolved over the decades. The whole rucking thing seems like a new trend and I wonder how much research has really been done on these designs. It seems most of the companies are small startups founded by people who want to capitalize on a new market opportunity (people who want to get in better shape but are concerned about the damage running might do to their body, but who don’t mind walking with more weight to achieve a higher fitness level). I wonder how many biomechanics studies have been done on the new “rucking” style vests and how good the science is behind them.


Finasteride scares me a little after reading about post finasteride syndrome. I take the other three.


The thing about PFS is that it it’s more likely than not a creation of the American litigation system than a real medical condition.
We know for a fact that finasteride leaves the body entirely within weeks and that DHT levels as well as all other hormone levels normalize within months.
Neurosteroid production being affected was cited as another way finasteride could potentially have lasting symptoms on the body, but then again that effect seen in mice does not translate to humans as finasteride does not seem to affect the kind of DHT found in the brain.
Even the FDA said that they don’t believe in the existence of PFS:

According to the FDA statement, the PFS petition “does not provide reasonable evidence” of a causal link between finasteride and persistent SD, depression, or suicide. However, on the basis of reports from patients using the 1-mg dose for AGA, the FDA is “requiring the addition of SI and behaviour” to the listed AEs.

US Food and Drug Administration Warning Regarding Finasteride and Suicidal Ideation: What Should Urologists Know? - ScienceDirect

There’s also a possible association between balding and cardiovascular disease which by itself causes ED. Mice studies do seem to point to a causal connection, though the data is preliminary.

Finasteride delays atherosclerosis progression in mice and is associated with a reduction in plasma cholesterol in men - ScienceDirect
Alopecia and its association with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular risk factors: A meta-analysis - International Journal of Cardiology

Imo the best way to take finasteride is with low/micro dose tadalafil. Both drugs are great for prostate health too.


I am considering it. I already take Tadalafil but wondering if 1mg Finasteride makes sense as a 38 year old who is on testosterone replacement therapy, thus I already have high-ish DHT (it’s 75, but no signs of any hair loss or even any gray hair)


If there is no history of BPH or prostate cancer in your family it’s probably fine not to take it.

Unfortunately Finasteride depresses me. Whenever I take it, my mood goes into the toilet for a couple of days. I don’t want to take something that sucks all the joy out of my life. So, it’s not for me.

I take Bempedoic Acid instead of Rosuvastatin because I am intolerant to Rosuvastatin. It makes me feel like I’m 30 years older because my muscles are so sore and weak. Bempedoic Acid does the same thing with no side effects.

I take Ezetemibe with no problems.

I will take empagliflozin starting in August.

If people can take the first two without side effects, then great. I’m just glad I found a great substitute for Rosuvastatin.


Have you tried a lower dose of finasteride yet? When I was experimenting with 5mg finasteride and dutasteride, I also had side effects which I don’t at the standard 1mg dose.
As for Rosuvastatin, I’ve also switched over to Atorvastatin which I seem to tolerate better at higher doses than Rosuvastatin.