What am I missing?

Help me build a longevity template. What am I missing ??

Aging optimization

Sleep - highest priority. Monitor and adjust

Exercise - muscle development / flexibility / balance

Diet - plant based vs carnivore / sugar control

Supplements - Vit D/ Fish oil/ NMN/ Magnesium / sulforaphane

Hacks - meditation/ prayer/ cold showers / breath work / Float tanks / hyperbaric oxygen / sauna

Medications - Rapamycin / Acarbose / Metformin /


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It’s less around what you’re missing and more about what you can remove…

Though you probably do need some cardiovascular training.

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I love minimalism. What can I remove?


Supplements - Fish oil, NMN, Magnesium & sulforaphane

Medications - Acarbose & Metformin


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Hey David… check your testosterone level. 1200 is good for longevity. Testosterone builds muscles, bone, more energy, less depression,… keeps strength and clears fat.

If you are close to 50 years and not having more kids… check on Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT. Many on this forum are on TRT, but don’t share because some members go crazy on them. It helps and works. And, in us older men is being reconsidered after a review of its benefits and major side effects… of heart issues and prostrate cancer not necessarily proven an issue.

Link: Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is It Right For You? - Urology Care Foundation


Unless you eat 1.5kg of red meat per day everyone could do with creatine

Vaccination, only if you are at risk of catching that particular disease and are at risk of severe outcome otherwise vaccination might be riskier (eg everyone is at risk of getting severe rabies but the chances of ever getting rabies are so small getting the rabies vaccine is far riskier, for another disease which is very common nowadays for which most people already have acquired natural immunity it makes no sense to risk additional vaccination)


I am not persuaded about sulforaphane. The idea of this is to activate NRF2. Personally I am inclined to activate only HIF 1 alpha out of HIF 1 alpha, NRF2 and NF kappa b which are the spectrum of hypoxia responsive transcription factors. I have taken sulforaphane, but I dropped it.

It is a good idea to enable the body to create sufficient mitochondrial melatonin or take additional melatonin. I also think topping up the body’s molecular hydrogen has merit.


Sir you can’t just say 1200ng/dl is pro-longevity.

I’m 20 and my total T is 670 and free T ~1.8%. I workout regularly. I highly doubt 1200ng/dl is pro-longevity for most people.


Not sure you intended to reply to my post (I’m also called David) but I cannot take testosterone as it’s banned by WADA.

But in any case, as you can see, 1200 would be well above the normal range even for a healthy 20 year old.

Though it’s probably worth stressing that free T is the more important marker


This :point_up_2:

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Again… we are definitely using different charts… not sure if that is an international thing.

On my blood panel … blood test .
Testosterone range for normal… 199 to 1586.
Lab work is an accurate test of normal range. So on my chart…I am on the upper limits of normal. I am for all my areas… D , B-12…etc. My Personal Physician wants me on the upper level of normal when it makes sense And yes, free testosterone is what counts. Will check free T on my next blood test in April.

Although I do weekly blood tests I use different labs and not all of the labs ordinarily provide testosterone as part of their testing. I have taken results in nmol/L and converted them to ng/dl by multiplying by 288.42 and dividing by 10.

Over the past few months I have had the following results:

Uk figures
24.3 15 13.6 19.49 15.99 17.2 19.23 17.34 21.6 21.03
My calculation for US figures
701 433 392 562 461 496 555 500 623 607

I have explained how I did the conversion because I might have got this wrong, but I don’t supplement with Testosterone. However, my Testosterone levels seem high by that chart although not as high as 1200.

Then again I do have other biomarkers that come into the 20s and 30s (I am 63 next week). I don’t do that much exercise I do use an exercise frame.

What my results say to me also is that the test result for testosterone varies quite a bit as well.

If I have my calculations wrong please tell me.

The Lab I last got a Testosterone result from had the following range 8.33 - 30.18
which I make 240 - 870. 1200 is higher than the top end, but from a logarithmic perspective not massively high although personally I would perhaps not wish to go that high with supplementation.

Mount Sinai says 1,000

Optimale says 1070

However, Optimale say:
Ranges vary but the most common is 8.64 – 29nmol/l or around 270-1070 ng/dL in US units.

This does not really compute as the ratio for the first number is 31.25 and the second number 36.89655

In healthy nonobese men, 19 to 39 years, harmonized 2.5th, 5th, 50th, 95th, and 97.5th percentile values were 264, 303, 531, 852, and 916 ng/dL, respectively

So your levels are triple the average (healthy) young male. I know you think I am trolling but I am genuinely concerned for you…


Looking at that report the 97.5 percentile for one study (MrOS) for men of 60-69 was 1044. Hence he is not that far over the top. We don’t, however, know how many of those were supplementing with Testosterone.

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Perhaps any doctors here could weigh in but I think any practitioner who advises patients to aim for 1500 should be sued for malpractice.

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I would be interested in the research as to the impacts of a high Testosterone level. I have not investigated this myself. I don’t supplement myself and I am not worried that my results appear to be in the higher percentiles for my age.

I am under a doctor’s care and this is within the normal range of my specific blood test or a HIGH or ALERTt would be triggered. Can’t get you to focus on the test taht I take of normal range - so I give up.

I am starting year number five and I will put all my past blood panels, Dexa , Cornary Calcium Scan and biological tests that say my supplements and treatments (which include rapamycin) is working.

Guess I will have to live to 100 in great health before I get a meh from you! Actually wish you would stop beating your anti TRT horse - it is hamburger meat. I am offering options to consider for those who are older than you and as we all do with our various N=1 . Your point is noted.


Please please just take 30 minutes and read the recent journals on the subject. If having read those you still want to continue on the same dosage then of course, your health, your choice.

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I think generally, what you’re missing is the “testing” component… using blood tests, and other tests (e.g. DEXA), etc. to validate what you’re doing is working for you, adjusting (hopefully just one variable at a time so a cause/effect relationship can possibly be determined)… and retesting.


Honest question here… what are the downsides to higher testosterone?