Uridine, carotine diol, vanillactate, phenylacetylglutamine, N-acetyl-isoputreanine, ribitol and other OMICm age metabolites (takeaways from OMIC_m age)

N-acetyl-isoputreanine decreases cognitive function
ribitol = hyperlipidemia/hyperglycemia

Paraoxonase - Wikipedia (PON1), detoxifies pesticides, may be increased by chokeberries

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My issue with the Omic age reports is that they have considerably different values to the actual biomarkers that I measure each week using a number of labs.

Hence whatever indirect system they are using to measure these is not coming up with a very accurate conclusion.

Eg HbA1c Omic is 6.51, but actually it is pretty well always under 5.

AIUI they are looking at methylation patterns on lymphocytes DNA.

My predicted HbA1c methylation patterns are also way above their normal values of 4.8-4.9, though i ascribed this to me having thick glucose spikes