The Real Life Diet of Longevity Doctor Mark Hyman, Who Developed a Six-Pack in His 60s (GQ)

I don’t follow this doctor closely, but the information he presents in this interview seems reasonably good.

At 63 years old, Mark Hyman, MD, founder and senior advisor for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and host of The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast, is the fittest he’s been in his life—and he’s eager to spill his secrets.

“I think most of us think we have to decline as we get older, but we don’t,” Dr. Hyman tells GQ. Americans take it for granted that as their birthdays tick along, their bodies will stoop, their pace will slow, and their brain will fog. But actually, Dr. Hyman says, that’s abnormal aging. The research is clear, he says: “We can live long healthy lives and then just die.” A comforting thought, in its way.

As Dr. Hyman reveals in his New York Times bestseller Young Forever, increasing your span of healthy years doesn’t require fancy tech or elaborate routines (although Dr. Hyman is himself a fan of saunas, cold plunges, and binaural beats). “It’s just a consequence of doing the basic things to keep your organism functioning optimally,” he says.

Think of it this way, he tells me when we talk: “If you have a million-dollar race horse, you’re going to make sure you know how to train it and feed it and take care of it so it’s fully optimized, right?” Dr. Hyman says. “We don’t do that with our bodies. We feed it all kinds of crap. We eat fries and junk and sugar, and we don’t think about the consequences of how we feel now or how we’re going to feel as we get older.”

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I’d never heard of this before but it looks interesting.

Especially for sleep (since I just got a sleep monitor). Any other user experiences here besides this - Mindfulness as a Key Component in Stress Reduction and Longevity - #7 by SilentWatcher - from another thread?

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I’d like to add another dimension to meditation routine: the use of binaural beats with an application like Brainwave . Binaural beats are a form of soundwave therapy. They work by playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear. The brain perceives a third tone based on the mathematical difference between these two frequencies. For example, if a 300 Hz tone is played in one ear and a 310 Hz tone in the other, the brain will process a 10 Hz tone.

The scientific background of binaural beats lies in the brain’s response to these frequencies. Different frequencies are associated with different states of brain activity. For instance, Delta waves (1-4 Hz) are linked with deep sleep, Theta waves (4-8 Hz) with meditation and light sleep, Alpha waves (8-14 Hz) for relaxed but alert states, Beta waves (14-30 Hz) for active thinking and concentration, and Gamma waves (30-42 Hz) for peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.

By using binaural beats, you can potentially guide your brain into a desired state. For example, if you want to deepen your meditation, you might use Theta wave binaural beats to help your brain shift into a more meditative state.

Mentioned previously on the site discussions here: Mindfulness as a Key Component in Stress Reduction and Longevity - #7 by SilentWatcher

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I don’t follow him closely either, but the medical community doesn’t think very highly of him:

“Functional medicine” was invented in the 1990s by Jeffrey Bland to sell dietary supplements and shot to fame by its poster boy, Mark Hyman. It is a marketing term designed to confuse patients, promote pseudoscience, and sow distrust in mainstream medicine. Yes, it is a scam:


Its interesting, my impression of Cleveland Clinic is generally positive - so there seems to be a positive association there, but of course I’m I have no good way to evaluate the Cleveland clinic currently, or to know now well it ranks in hospitals currently.

Doing a quick search it seems to rank highly in cardiology:

and generally still one of the top hospitals in the USA:

But, Dr. Hyman does seem to have some strengths and weaknesses in his background:


My view, after reviewing the information and asking about the add-on testing available and the additional cost for the testing. For $500 the testing included in the year membership is more than worth it.

The testing that is offered by the “function health” start up/company that Mark Hyman is involved with as one of the Co-founders. He is also in the position as Chief Medical Officer.

The following is from the marketing email received;

“The $499 per year membership includes the full cost of the following. No hidden fees or surprise bills. No insurance involved:
• 100+ advanced lab tests every year. From heart and hormones to thyroid, kidneys, liver, metabolic, nutrients and more.
• 60+ lab test follow up a few months later
• Access to additional testing anytime you need it
• A member dashboard that tracks all results in one place.
• Insights based on research from the world’s top doctors based on each result”

A list of the test included with the $500 membership;

This was the reply received, I asked what where the add-on/optional test available and the cost;

Here’s a list of the Add-on tests and their prices that was received when I asked;
1. Multi-Cancer Detection Test, $899
2. Sexual Health Panel, $49
3. Alzheimer’s Risk test, $129
4. Celiac Test to screen for gluten intolerance, $69
5. Lyme Disease test, $49
6. Additional Heavy Metal & Mineral tests, $149 (includes: Arsenic | Aluminum | Selenium | Iodine | Copper) *Your membership includes mercury and lead tests, and a full thyroid panel
7. Food Allergy (IgE) test, $149 (includes: Almond | Cashew Nut | Clam | Codfish | Cow’s Milk | Crab | Egg White | Hazelnut | Lobster | Peanut | Salmon | Scallop | Sesame Seed | Shrimp | Soybean | Tuna | Walnut | Wheat)
8. Indoor & Outdoor Allergy (IgE) test, $169 (includes: Mold | Cat dander | Dog dander | House dust | Insect and venom | Storage mites | Select grasses, trees and weeds based on your region | over 20+ allergens)
9. Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) test, $99
10. Pregnancy Test, Free

The web site home page.

I do not have any financial interest in this company.

I do think I will become a member.

Your thoughts?