Starting Rapamune, suggestions are welcomed!

Just got my Box of Rapamune.

Thinking about starting with 2mg first week, 4mg second week and so on.

Any suggesting about starting dose like 1mg first week, 2mg second to be on the safe side?

How about taking Rapamune with food ( what food - fatty? ), or on the empty stomach, big meal/small meal?

Suggestions are highly welcomed!

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I just started yesterday. I am doing 1 mg + Grapefruit Juice (GFJ). The juice is supposed to increase the effectiveness of Rapamycin by 3-3.5x. I ate one grapefruit the night before after dinner. One in the morning 4 hours before. The final one I ate an hour before taking Rapamycin. I ate sausage with Rapamycin 1 mg.

I have heard you are supposed to take it with a fat source like EVOO? Is that correct?

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My only suggestion is because you appear to be fairly young: You will be taking it for a long time.
So, I would think moderate doses over a long period of time would serve you well.
Just my opinion and I am sure some would disagree.
Good luck on your journey. You will be one of the almost immeasurably few taking rapamycin for life extension and one of the few early adopters.


Its all covered here: What is the Rapamycin Dosing / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity, and Life Extension?

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