Siroboon Lab Blood Test Results

Can someone test this for heavy metals. Also can someone blood test this AFTER putting the pills through a pill grinder? It’s been shown that they do contain sirolimus - but the issue is one of absorbability

Mortar and pestle is the standard, I think.

I’m not sure why you’d want to grind the pills. You lose the enteric coating, if there is any.


You know, someone once asked me (at vibecamp) are you concerned with the purity of the drugs you’re taking? (this made me go into a fugue [later in life] where I later obsessed over purity/air pollution/microplastics)

At the time, this tangent made me then obsess over Putin’s obsession with purity (both COVID purity and having people taste things for him before he eats them) AND his seemingly slow aging rate AND racial purity too…

He was not thinking about rapamycin at the time, but rapamycin… really… was the most important of them all (that, and dapagliflozin…) and anything from kachhela or indian pharmacies. I really ought to be better than this…

At some point in time (AGI timelines and infinite amounts of change from one small change in inputs/outputs will literally cause some people to do the same thing [wrt extreme levels of microplastic/chemical testing for ALL food they eat, and it’s probably SUPER-WORTH it for people who already have wealth, especially given the nanoplastics crisis [we cannot afford to take risks on stupid things] ]. At the very least, universal semaglutide reduces all total compute loss from microplastics)

[a small amount of impurity in some drugs can cause DRASTIC changes to people’s cognition]

Most people don’t appreciate this thesis enough, and are dismissive. We were dismissive of air pollution for many decades, and only now do we really see how terrible it is for us. We cannot afford the same risk for nanoplastics/microplastics. Sure, don’t raise your cortisol levels stressing over it, but like, at the very least, take semaglutide and do things on the margin to reduce plastic consumption

I know one person in longevity who ONLY drinks soylent (and avoids all impurities). He’s pretty strange, but he also is creative in strange ways.

I actually did get a small grant b/c I convinced some people that the microplastics thing is really important (on top of some other things), though the recent nanoplastics paper now shows that I’m not sure if testing microplastics is useful/helpful unless we can find nanoplastics (given that ALL historical estimates of microplastics were now gross uncertainties)…

And this is ALL important for global alignment because we cannot take stupid chances on human compute loss from lack of alignment, and yes, microplastics pollute our chances at alignment. Even davidad views microplastics/nanoplastics as significant enough to be of concern.

Sam Altman said that AIs will become capable of super-human persuasion before superhuman anything else. Perhaps AIs will be what finally convince humanity to really finally cut down on “dumb microplastics” (if AGI generates A LOT of near-wealth, the plastic alternatives/degraders will be even more fundable).

[pollution is also mimetic, can come from back pain, can come from wasted time, can come from trauma]…

Someone actually told me “think clean thoughts”, which was SOUND ADVICE. Too bad this is not ALL in my control yet, because I still historically had a lot of distracting thoughts that were irrelevant (tFUS, tFUS…)


I will have to say that I do have bought a canola oil that is a bit more expensive (still cheaper than olive oil), but that is in glass rather than plastic. Most of the stuff I am eating right now come in paper containers. However certain things I like to use that come in plastic, like computer, headphones, VR headset, so I will not abandon it totally.

I can however replace all of my clothing with plastic, and other things. I like linen, the look is either of a Founding Father in a garden, religious, or in a cult [the microplastic cult]. I don’t buy leather or wool, so I will have to think how to dress in cold weather. It does signal something to wear non-plastic clothing, it’s a bit weird.

Do you have a list of household items how much each clothing item releases microplastics, for example? Or home items? Plastics also release VOC’s but I don’t know how harmful they are. I need to know what’s worth on replacing I think rather than just replacing all plastics I use that I can replace. Reddit environmentalists doesn’t seem to care about wearing plastic clothing while going hiking.

Peter Thiel like Greta Thunberg, I think, her vision of the world.

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For those of you wondering about zydus, its enteric coating and it’s ability to get into the blood stream. Here are my impressive results.

I took two of my 2 mg zydus pills with the juice of one fresh Red Grapefruit. Blood test at 2 hours post dose.

My trough was zero… hadn’t had any rapamycin for 2 weeks.

Results were 23.3 ng/mL.
Almost 6 times multiplication of dose with GFJ.

Safe to say zydus is real and potent. As I would expect since it is pharmaceutical grade rapamycin from my physician’s prescription.


Hello Agetron, any results yet?

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I am currently stuck with Siriboon. Perhaps if I put it in an enteric capsule it my absorb better.

Has anyone else had notable blood results to share after taking Siriboon? I see the results are definitely uneven, though I could have sworn I have seen positive results on other forums. Cannot remember where.

I may not be able to get testing in my area. Thus far cannot find anywhere that does it in my area.

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@Alex You may just want to chalk Siriboon up as a loss and order a new batch of either Zydus or Biocon from India. Or you could multiply your dose by 10X. Otherwise you really aren’t receiving a therapeutic dose and you’re just wasting your time IMHO.


I hear your concern but I can say that something is happening with me. I had to go off weekly schedule because any dose about 6 mg gave me cold sores and I even got ringworm for the first time ever. Also, a couple skin growths. But the consistency of dosage worries me a lot. I have to order an alternate and see what happens here.


What kind of test do I need to check the pills? I got the Siroboon but after taking 3 pills (6mg) with GFJ it did give me the side effects consistent with the higher dosage.

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See here How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

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I’m guessing that the 6mg with GFJ is a viable solution.

My two tests of 8mg Biocon averaged 15 ng/ml.
My two tests of 8mg Siroboon averaged just over 3 ng/ml.
So, straight (no GFJ) Biocon is ~5x more potent than Siroboon.

I took 4mg of Biocon with GFJ and got a 32 ng/ml.
6mg Siroboon should give about 2.25 ng/ml
6mb Siroboon w/GFJ = 2.25 x 5 (GFJ multiplier) = 11.25 ng/ml

I weigh 215lbs, so if I was going to use my remaining Siroboon, I’d take 8mg with GFG giving me about 15ng/ml.

Of course, your results may vary (and so might mine). I’ll try this in a couple of weeks and post results.


I reached out the Siroboon about their QC and they assured me that they are within specs. They are going to get me the paperwork to verify with an independent testing agency. Anyway when I take my course next week I’ll schedule a blood test within 1 hour of taking it. See how I go.


I would schedule it 2 hours as opposed an hour, or at very least hour and half.

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Even with Pfizer’s Rapamune tablets, per their own information it takes three hours in a fasted state to reach peak serum levels, and they use a technology that may lead to quicker onset of action.

Also, people have a tendency to believe their stomach is empty when it is not. Tests like these have to be done under controlled conditions if you want reliable comparisons. And if you want to compare different brands, preferably that means eliminating other factors like food and grapefruit juice. And only after an extended fast each time. Alternatively, with an exactly duplicated meal and portion size, and then waiting an extended period for testing, even the next day.

Also, if the purpose is just to compare brands, there seems to be little point in trying to catch a peak to begin with given the long half-life. A person could instead choose an interval of 12 or 24 hours each time.


2 days ago I took 2mg with GFC. It took a full 24 hours before I got diarrhoea. But only one time compared to last week 6mg with GFC which lasted a few days. The pain on my finger this week is more than last week but that could be the cold nights that is triggering it. I’m hoping after 12 weeks I’ll have a better idea where it is going. Back to 6mg with GFC next week or should I just take 14mg by itself?

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Why not try 4 mg + GFJ which should be a 14 mg equivalent.

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If I can tolerate more I’ll like to keep it that way for now. I’m 112kg

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Actually I noticed that I don’t get the side effects until after 24 hours. Maybe it is the coating.

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I’m going to get my blood tested in 2 days. Tomorrow morning I’ll have my GFJ 2 hours before taking 3x 2mg tablets. I’ll wait till 24 hours past before having a blood test because usually it takes that long for me to feel the side effects. I’ll refrain from taking Metformin this time. I’ll do the test weekly until I get a stable results. Hopefully no more than 4 weeks.