Robust Mouse Rejuvenation Project

Wow, I would not have seen that one coming as a contender

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  1. We can see clear gender differences and this is something we have also seen when ITP (Intervention Testing Program) has tested different compounds in mice. It’s interesting that we see differences in stem cell therapy but not gene therapy. Does anyone know what could be the cause why we see such a big gender difference in stem cell therapy?

  2. Rapamycin seems to play a key role in several of the top synergistic cocktail combinations in the top list. This is also well aligned with my assumption why Rapamycin should be a base ingredient in the powerful longevity cocktail we will engineer to extend maximum lifespan. My guess is therefore that the best longevity cocktails will be the ones which will have effects on both slowed and reversed aging.

  3. It’s very interesting that the best intervention is when all interventions were combined but it’s also interesting that female mice get the same effect if they only take Rapamycin. Let’s see how things develop in the upcoming months!
    By @KristerKauppi


Heh. I don’t know how to interpret that. The all interventions except gene therapy survival is terrible in males, but the other things don’t agree. So presumably one needs to dig deeper into the error ranges.