Richard Miller article: Four anti-aging drugs and calorie-restricted diet produce parallel effects

This presentation from Richard Miller goes in depth and compares 9 longevity interventions and what they have in common.

It’s worth watching.


Yes, this is the one I recalled. The discussion starts at 15:20. He says that all of these drugs do tons of things that are not overlapping. Our goal was to focus only on the things they do that are overlapping.

This is part of an effort to be able to identify promising molecules more quickly. Right now the hit rate is only 10–15% on the molecules that they test. I think the thought is that if the new drug has an effect on the areas where these 4 drugs overlap, then they are more likely to extend life span.


I will contact the authors and try to get a copy, and post if I do.

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Here is the full research paper:

FourAntiAgingDrugsPaperV2.pdf (2.1 MB)