Rejuvenate Biomed’s drug combination (metformin & galantamine) for Sarcopenia: Personal Results

“However, the GAL-INT Study Group5 reported that recorded mortality due to cardiovascular event was greater in the galantamine group than in the placebo group, and interestingly, about half of the deaths in galantamine appeared to result from various vascular causes (myocardial infarction, stroke, and sudden death).”

I haven’t looked at the GAL-INT study, but this did catch my eye…

Hard to find the exact study - here are some of the Gal-Int studies:


That study they cite has a much higher dosage for what it’s worth:

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety profiles of galantamine 24 mg/d in patients with VaD or AD with CVD over the longer term (>6 months).


I found this:

with 8mg galantamine hydrobromide, which this trademark info page

says is equivalent to 8mg galantamine base.


The FDA pdf is an excellent read.

“Through their primary action, cholinomimetics may be expected to increase gastric acid secretion due to increased cholinergic activity”
Unfortunately, I am experiencing this at 8mg/day without food. After reading the paper I will try to take it only with food.

Even sourcing it from India it is quite pricey. I recently bought 300, 4mg tablets from India at ~ 50 cents/4 mg, including shipping.

I am using it more as a nootropic sleep-enhancing drug. This may not be suitable for everyone as the effect on dreams varies widely according to Reddit users, etc.



Reading up on this thread with interest but confused on one point and practical issue on another.

Metformin 500mg
Leucine 1.2g
sildenafil 4mg

Firstly can you confirm this combination requires galantamine in addition to the above? The thread started with the synergy of Metformin and Galantamine ( which of itself was interesting) then appeared to go AWOL and move on to just the three mentioned above without including Galantamine

My take and what I will now move on to is:

Twice a day:

Metformin 500mg
Galantamine 4mg
Leucine 1.2g
sildenafil 4mg

Secondly, is Sildenafil available in 4mg? I can find nothing outside of 50/100 etc etc - wondered how people were dosing at these low levels from commercially available supplies?

Be grateful for any comments

Best wishes


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Unless you have unwanted side effects, why not take the full dose of sildenafil?
I switched to tadalafil because I want to have a more continuous level in my blood
and it’s more convenient to take once a day. Many in the longevity field who are smarter than me take tadalafil over sildenafil for this reason.


What about this from Alldaychemist?