Rapamycin and increase in blood glucose?

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Is he planning to reduce the dose?

Its doing something to my fasting glucose as well.

I’m taking 25 jardiance and 50 acarbose for life extension, with rapamycin, and my fasting glucose was still a bit higher than last reading


As an addendum to this, sorry for giving out falty information. I should have brought up, in addition to getting rapamycin, jardiance, and acarbose from my Indian dealer, I have started on heavy duty statins after listening to Stanfield/Attia’s takes on LDL. I’ve just read that statin use can also play a integral part in raising fasting glucose.

Since taking all these substances my blood sugar has raised a couple points. Hopefully the blood sugar goes down over time. I’ve also wanted to take a different statin that seems to have a lighter affect on glucose

I’m pretty sure IV vitamin C causes the machine to register high glucose, but this is a false reading. It’s reading the vitamin C. IV C always does this. My daughter gets 75 grams twice a week for cancer.

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