Rapamycin and Creatinine Levels

Creatinine is a marker for kidney function not actually damaging to your kidney, taking exogenous creatine will only raise your creatinine but had no impact on your kidney function… Your cystatine A test result would not change from the creatine in spite of the higher creatinine

Thanks for your reply. Will continue to monitor levels and re-do labs in a few weeks.

I always get an eGFR number along with my cystatin C result. You didn’t get one?

My creatinine blood levels dropped from 78 > 70 since starting rapamycin for 6 weeks. 70 is the lowest my creatinine levels have been according to 3 of my previous other blood tests from 6 months to 2 years ago. I usually always sit around the 75-78 range. 70 is a new record and the only change has been starting rapamycin.

I don’t take creatinine supplements.

P.S my levels are still normal, just slightly dropped


Good for you.
I saw at very early age that there was no benefit in growing up.

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