Rapamycin and anxiety

I sourced Rapa from inhousepharm and had my first dose today. Ive been experiencing anxiety all day which I guess is just psychosomatic related to concerns about taking a non prescribed drug from a dubious source?


Sounds about right!:grin: I don’t consider InHouse a dubious source, though. Also, isn’t it the actual branded Rapamune that they sell? I’d trust a branded product from InHouse more than I’d trust a generic from Walgreens.


Yes, all the packaging looks genuine tbf

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How much mg did you take?
I started with very low dose (1mg), then slowly increased every week

I never had anxiety, but did have a little faster heart beat
I use rapamycin (Zydus) bought from IndiaMart, everything is good, except sometimes I have skin rash, but that looks harmless

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2mg… good job I didn’t jump in at 5mg, I think I’d be having a full blown panic attack!

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Rapamycin can be a little stimulating for some people. Thats why its recommended that we take it in the morning, rather than later in the day when it can impact sleep.

But given the half life is ~60hrs wouldn’t the stimulatory effect last >12 hrs?

No - the peak is very sharp about 2 hours after dosing, and falls off rapidly - more of a log curve than a simple 12 hour 1/2 life. See the graph on the dosing protocols page.

Ah ok good info thanks :+1: