Questions to Matt Kaeberlein

I wrote some Julia code for that. Too complex for a spreadsheet.

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How hard is it to use the code you wrote?

If we install Julia per: Download Julia

would it be pretty simple for non-SW engineers to operate?
Perhaps you could share the code on GitHub?


I think you are correct about the first point. It was day of (not day before) and day after Rapa dose.

The second point you must have missed. Later in the recording Matt said on his last dose he doubled to 16mg and a 2 week cycle.


@DeStrider: Great point! Add this as two questions as comments to the specific youtube episode because Optispan reads the comments and I think they have good potential to be added to a future AMA.

For all other people in this thread. Just add further more questions as comments to the youtube episode and the Optispan team will try to include them in future episodes. Remember as @RapAdmin said to add study to the question or discussion thread from here if such exist. That way we hopefully get a much deeper answer to our questions.


That makes sense to me, with 5% absolute risk for genital infections with SGLT2i within study period.

Good catch. I wonder what any of us could look for if we tried a 2x dose every 2 weeks to see if it’s “better.”


I will clean up the code and push that to GitHub.


It is what I have been doing. The benefits are less side effects for me. I am able to build muscle quite well on this schedule as I am off Rapa for much of every month (I also take off every 5th week). As far as longevity benefits, I couldn’t say.