PRP and rapamycin - should they mix?

I’ve had (I assume) plantar fasciitis in one foot for a few years. If I use an insole that provides good arch support, no (or not much of) a problem. If I walk barefoot, my heel occasionally feels like I stepped on a nail.

One year of rapamycin has had no effect on this.


Len - what has been your rapamycin dose regimen during this past year?

PRP (Regenexx) helped my knee and neck but wasn’t using R. I recall that Matt Kaiberlien mentioned that his frozen shoulder appeared to be cured after a stent of Rapa. Wouldn’t hurt to wait at least a week after R dose to get PRP and then few weeks before resuming. You have plenty of time later to take R.

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10mg/week. Paused a few weeks for dental work, and then paused November and December when I put a gash in my leg requiring 14 stiches.

I restarted this month at 5mg/week. Will hold this for a while and see if lipids behave at this level.


Plantar fasciitis usually occurs as a result of muscles in the feet not being used and becoming ever weaker as a result of footwear that provides far too much support.
I had it in both feet and was using shoe inserts for years.
Once I found out what the cause was I bought Vivo Barefoot footwear but still had the problem of strengthening the muscles up to cure the problem.
The best thing I found for this was walking barefoot on sand for a couple of hours a day, and spending the rest of the time barefoot as much as possible.
After one week the problem had gone away, and I haven’t used the inserts since.
Time to book a beach holiday…!!!


Absolutely hooray for Vivo. It’s been 14 years of going barefoot (it with “barefoot” shoes). I highly recommend reading “Born to Run.” By Christopher Mcdougall. Changed my life. I went from total run-avoidance to pain free (and fast!) running. I mean like in one day with proper barefoot running instruction with the hero of this book Barefoot Ted.