Pearl Trial Unblinding

Is that 8 mg generic or compounded?

And I just got unblinded yesterday

And my husband got unblinded today.

Whiskey, tango, foxtrot! Did ANYONE get the real deal?

And yes, I too, thought I was on the actual pill.
Mouth sores, lost a bit of weight, hair darkened a bit. Muscle increased.
First age test said I was 14 years younger biologically.
At the end? I was 16! years younger.
Talk about a placebo effect, Goodness!

I want to find out how many and what type of tests will come with the free year, understand the setup and get onboarded for phase two. Sigh…


Will you both do compounded or generic? Not many studies on the compounded. Also wondering what manufacturer they are using for generic. Keep us posted on your progress.

Hey Jacob,

I typically take my dose with 1 fresh squeezed Red Grapefruit… equals 5 fluid ounces.

Take blood draw 2 to 2.5 hours after the dose
I get a 6 x’s increase. Here was my last test.

In January did 4mg with GFJ got a 6x’s. Too high.

I am going 2mg with GFJ now. Getting 12 ng/mL

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Great question Caligirl. I too wonder which generic will be used. Right notw, we are definitely undecided as to compounded v. generic. Lol.

Has anyone reported being on the drug yet? Would love to heat their feedback.

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Thanks. Are you targeting a particular level? I see the “normal” range 3.0 to 20.0, but I imagine that is for people taking Rapamycin for kidney transplants. I also imagine that the range presume a daily dosing.

Hello Jacob,
Yes, after 3.5 years on various amounts of rapamycin - I am now targeting 6mg to 12 mg - every 9 days.

I have been on a low of 6mg for my first year. Then up to 38 mg every 10 days for 7 months (with negative results on bio-markers).

So yeah - I am using GFJ and rapamycin targeting 6mg to 12 mg - every 9 days.
I use GFJ to stretch my supply that is prescription from a USA pharmacy. I always have additional needs for extra - other family members - friend’s dogs and my hair tonic.


Maybe this was all a placebo study on the psychological effects of thinking you are taking Rapamycin.

P - Placebo
E - Effects of
A - Adding
R - Rapamycin (or not) on
L - Lifespan



I’m interested to understand more about this trial - and googled it - but I was not able to find anything relevant… Is someone assist me with where I might find details of the trial, please? TIA :slight_smile:

This should help

They are still analyzing the data before they release the results of the trial.

Hi Patty. Have you reached out to Ageless yet for your Rapamycin? I was just sent bloodwork.

I was also just unblinded. I was in the 10mg dosing arm of the study. I’m now on the ‘extension’ program, paying for the (compounded) Rapamycin 10mg dose. One of the very clear effects of the study for me was a 33% reduction in visceral fat, as shown by the DXA scans done during the study. You can see on that visceral fat was the primary outcome measure of the study.


Wow that is great, being on placebo my visceral fat did not change. May I ask your sex and weight. Just trying to determine my optimal dose!!

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I did reach out and I am going with the “ free” compounded Sirolimous. It also includes blood work at Labcor, but very difficult to get an appointment with them. Will try to walk in tomorrow.

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Male 185 lb - 20 characters.


Yes. First appointment here is March 6.

Finally! Someone in the dosing arm. And wow 33% reduction in visceral fat. That’s incredible, congratulations.

I think we should all stock up because when the pearl trial hits tiktok - rapamycin could be thin on the ground.


TikTokers will only ever shill natural oils and herbal supplements.