New Price Quotes for Rapamycin and Everolimus

The issue, in my experience with working with a number of Chinese chemical companies is that you cannot trust the COAs are accurate or truthful.

A national disgrace. (I started a rant on how we’ve offshored essentially every critical industry and how it will come back to haunt us, but I reeled it in!)

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Ask for a Certificate of Analysis. I’ll bet they will show the data on a form they’ve created, but not the actual certificate. Seeing the actual certificate lets you know if an American lab or a Chinese lab did the analysis. If it’s an American lab there may be a contact number (or not) to call if you want more information on a particular analysis. This doesn’t guarantee the rapamycin was manufactured in the US, but you’ll probably be able to feel comfortable with an analysis from an American lab. If a Chinese lab did the analysis, then the rapamycin was manufactured in China. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but you may be taking a chance. I don’t know. So far, I’ve avoided that route. And, of course, if they will not let you see the original COA, there is a reason!


Has anyone on this forum successfully purchased rapamycin from “TrueLIFE Research”?

I placed an order, they ONLY want payment through a cash app or “pay a friend” through PayPal.

Looks like the same product that is mentioned in several of the above posts. You might want to cancel thta order?

I wouldn’t trust them, I just bought 200 Biocon, cost, $340, then I bought from another Pharmacy 100 Biocon cost includes shipping $107 , arrived safely .


You have purchased from "TrueLIFE Research”?

I am look for rapamycin/sirolimus powder.

No I didn’t buy from TruLife , I don’t know where you can get the powder, sorry I can give you the email address of where I paid $706 for 100 pills of Biocon if you need it

Sorry I meant $106 for 100 pills

RapAdmin, I tried to purchase from Pravin Lahoti at Varun Medicals on Sept. 14, 2022. I received an initial reply, but after several attempts to contact him after that I got no responses. So, three days later I emailed Dipesh Chhajed at Welcome Healthcare, got a very prompt response, talked to him over the telephone and made the order all within one hour after my initial email to him. I must have gotten him at the right time. His prices are higher than Varun Medicals, but he was very responsive.


Did you, or has anyone, ever ordered from Apple? I see they don’t appear on your list of reliable pharmacies.