New Body Scan Company Launched

This seems potentially interesting (as a person who never looks at changes in moles, or other skin situations or sees a dermatologist)…

The Company: Neko Health

Beginning with skin and heart issues, Neko Health is currently only available at the company’s first health center on Regeringsgatan 61 in central Stockholm.

Neko says the company’s 360-degree body scanner comes equipped with over 70 sensors that collect more than “50 million data points on skin, heart, vessels, respiration, microcirculation and more.” This data is then analyzed by a “self-learning AI-powered system” that spells out the results for doctors and patients. Clients get results at their appointment, and can even view and track their results on an accompanying app.

“Our mission is to build a proactive healthcare system, one that is focused on preventing diseases,” Nilsonne writes in a post on LinkedIn, citing the rising costs of healthcare in Sweden and the European Union. The full-body scans, which Neko says only take a few minutes, are currently open to the public in Sweden and cost 2,000 SEK (or around $190 USD). At this time of writing, the scans are currently sold out.


How funny that the Spotify guy has launched a company to spot spots (and other things)!


lol I flew to Sweden in Nov2021 just to get a brain MRI (though I used it as an excuse to go all over Scandinavia + visit Morten’s lab).

Now is this gonna lure me over again?

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