Minicircle: This biohacking company is using a crypto city to test controversial gene therapies (MIT Tech Rev)

How many other people were there/did you get to know the others while they were doing the thing?

" I did notice an increase in appetite both sexually and food-wise."

Hm this is slightly concerning. Do you have tests of testosterone both before and after? What blood tests did you do before and after?

How much heavier are you?

From Scott Alexander’s blog

Still, I think about this argument a lot. I agree he’s right about nuclear power. When it comes out in a few months, I’ll be reviewing a book that makes this same point about institutional review boards: that our fear of a tiny handful of deaths from unethical science has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths from delaying ethical and life-saving medical progress. The YIMBY movement makes a similar point about housing: we hoped to prevent harm by subjecting all new construction to a host of different reviews - environmental, cultural, equity-related - and instead we caused vast harm by creating an epidemic of homelessness and forcing the middle classes to spend increasingly unaffordable sums on rent. This pattern typifies the modern age; any attempt to restore our rightful utopian flying-car future will have to start with rejecting it as vigorously as possible.

a lot of ppl didnt see results


I wonder if that’s because the percentage of cells that got transfected is too small or because the effect was too short lived to cause noticeable effects. is next

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More on Follistatin Injections… and a new group in Dubai doing it… (perhaps?, needs to be confirmed).




That’s probably a fake or deliberately done photo for marketing purposes.

Fat loss requires caloric restriction.

I don’t know… the guy is pushing this image / result on Facebook too… from his official account. Eterna does seem to have some reasonably credible doctors behind it… though the guy seems to be pushing the social media marketing to 11, on the scale of 1 to 10, so yes, always be skeptical. Generally, the heavier the marketing effort, the less valid the product.

Posted Nov. 1st:

It is so fake IMO as he is truly letting his gut protrude in the first picture and look as bad as possible with the worst lighting while the other picture is the opposite. Yes the person in the right picture is leaner as well.

Could achieve the same result by eating junk food/sodium in the first picture then just dieting in the second.
Follistatin does not lead to weight loss, that is not how physics works.

I agree with what you are saying… but its not so much “fake” as exaggerated, but yes, another sign of excess marketing when a company is trying so hard to present astounding results, without testing and third party validation.

I think its still early, and these results seem likely to be greatly exaggerated, but it will be coming eventually…

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It’s such a turn off as it makes the therapy look like a scam. That marketing will probably backfire.

Interesting… this guy is the medical lead at Minicircle also… But generally, we seem to be hearing that the Minicircle follistatin results are not very impressive and short term (I think @AlexKChen mentioned this).

Dr. Adeel Khan

Gene & Cellular therapy for Longevity, Performance and Chronic Disease

Follistatin gene therapy the world’s first plasmid reversible gene therapy. We will review how gene therapy and cellular therapy is being used to enhance performance, but also treat many soft tissue injuries. It is also used to treat many diseases that will complement conventional medicine procedures. Regenerative medicine is being used more and more to help with chiropractic, physio therapy and rehabilitation.


Adeel Khan, MD

Dr. Adeel Khan completed his MD from the University of Ottawa in Canada. After training in sports medicine, he specialized in regenerative medicine, conducting one of the first Health Canada approved clinical trials with mesenchymal stromal cells. He is known internationally for treating many high-profile celebrities and athletes. He is the Chief Medical officer of Minicircle, the world’s first reversible plasmid gene therapy. Driven by his passion to improve health, he founded Eterna Health, co-founded Xalt and is the Chief Scientific Officer of Science & Humans. He has a special interest in using interventional procedures to treat weightlifting injuries, chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Khan also teaches medical students and residents and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Toronto.

Source: adeel khan

@Mac , since you’re in the Toronto area, perhaps you can check this guy, and his therapies, out?

I’m mostly concerned that it transfects cells that shouldn’t be producing follistatin, into producing follistatin. The delivery method is quite random/Poissonian… It just increases cellular mosaicism.

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Hope that link takes you to a story by Mike Eades about semiglutide and muscle loss. He brings up a monoclonal antibody treatment from Novartis (Loyd Klickstein no less) called bimagrumab which is supposed to make you lose weight and gain muscle. I don’t know if this is the place to post it, but it seems similar to what you are talking about.

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