Mindfulness as a Key Component in Stress Reduction and Longevity

Thanks @Neo , it does seem like the updated Levine calculator is more realistic, although still can’t feel too great when comparing your health to the US or UK average (I went from 10 to 8 years younger).
My HRV and sleep scores have been good but strangely my HRV went way down for a couple of days after getting my DexaScan - must have been the X-rays? Also felt weird the next day.

:open_mouth: I did not think DEXA would have such an effect

Could it have been something else - tense about the process or results or something? Or something totally unrelated?

Of course I can’t be sure, but with nothing else unusual, I felt distinctly mentally and physically off, just for the next day and when I later looked at my HRV it showed a big drop during that same time and then recovered. (who knows what it was?)

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“It’s important to stand still sometimes. Think of it as a little rest in the long journey of your life. This is your harbor. And your boat is just dropping anchor here for a little while. And after you’re well rested, you can set sail again.”

— Satoshi Yagisawa, Days at the Morisaki Bookshop