Man who spent record 100 days underwater claims it de-aged him 20 years and gives proof

Published March 13, 2024, 20:09:21 GMT


He also believes his phenomenal ‘age reversal’ was caused by living in a high-pressure or ‘hyperbaric’ environment.

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The “high-pressure or ‘hyperbaric’ environment.” was less than 14psi above ambient.


The small world of “saturation diving”, diver spend time under much greater pressures(at time hunderd’s} of PSI for months at time.

This world record remains unmatched!

Breathing a hydrogen/oxygen mixture at 701 meters,(this just under 2,300 feet/just over 1,000psi of pressure)

The problem with this story is that the mechanism of stimulating HIF 1 alpha is the reduction in partial pressure of oxygen. Living for a long time at a high partial pressure of oxygen is normally harmful. The article does not explain anything about those details.

I would assume he did not have that high a partial pressure.

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An awesome story … Guess what … looks 54 to me. I’d say he is 54. I love the foolishness in measuring things that can be rapidly manipulated and then thinking telomere length and dna methylation actually has healthspan/lifespan outcomes.

I’ll go with traditional measures and face aging. I love what a number of groups are doing in this space, but it is not outcome data, nor will it work out. He reported being 10 years less than chronological age on the way in and 20 years less on the way out.

I’d be happy to bet that the health outcome and actual timing of his natural death will relate nothing to this, and better with traditional measures, lifestyle, health conditions, regular old boring labs values, glycemic control, blood pressure, lipids, so forth.

Love the article - but this is what makes people laugh when they see some guy who is obviously in his 50’s, thinking he might be in his 30’s. It just aint so!


Dituri looks like The Dude. Perhaps purposely?


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But there is the conflicting data that people live longer at lower-oxygen altitudes, links posted in this thread… Unlocking Healthy Longevity: Researchers Find Oxygen Restriction Extends Lifespan


Karl pfleger said lower oxygen (ie higher) altitudes.

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Thanks! I was moving too fast… Fixed.

Hi - just saw this thread and the related links on HBOT, and will give my non-scientific feedback based on use of a 1.3 ATU home chamber for the last 1.5 years approximately 5 times weekly when home (80-90%).

  • excellent for topping up sleep and naps. Easiest place to do so.

  • Is relaxing and i believe improves my HRV.

  • always feel good after session. No negative side effects.

The biggest thing I believe it’s helped with (and think there are studies that validate) is my sports endurance.
As example, i ran my 2nd lifetime 10k (my first was 5 years prior) and pretty much off the shelf as before and did so 4 plus minutes faster. 2nd fastest overall for 50+ age, and I’m not really a runner. I have to believe HBOT helped. Just my opinion, but I certainly believe upside of HBOT outweighs any negatives.

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Where did you get the unit?

It’s from Oxyhealth, a small portable…