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New here.

Have mild to moderate CFS (PEM etc) around 15yrs, improved a bit 5 years ago then worsened after vaccines, COVID.
Long Covid. PEM occurs after quite a light workout. Have to stay in for about 2 days to recover somewhat.

Metformin 500x2 for about 10 years for then diagnosed insulin resistance. Noticed the recent posts here
Montelukast, mometasone for allergies.

Intermittent fasting.
Mostly avoiding but occasionally eating sugar, grains, potatoes, rice, corn.

Started Rapa a week ago 1mg with fatty meal; 1 small grapefruit an hour before.
A week later, 2mg with fatty meal; 1 small grapefruit an hour before.
I missed the advice about starting without grapefruit, etc and adding in the 3rd week with 1mg.
I weigh about 70kg (154ln). Not sure how high I should go. Up to 3mg with grapefruit?

I think I may be feeling some fatigue after Rapa, but it could also be PEM as I was active walking during the day both times.


Also drink green tea daily.

1 teaspoon per 700ml water, then drink during the day. I reuse the 1 teaspoon of tea once, the next day.

Would this increase bioavailability?

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It depends upon how you calculate it. If it is total EGCG per litre drunk then starting a new tea would probably give you more, but you probably get more if the limit is tea used.

I suppose it is a cost thing reallly.

I tend to workout in a fasted state. I started wondering whether that makes sense in terms of post viral syndromes.

I am also noticing the info about metformin effects on muscle and VO2 and studies indicating a shortened lifespan (am I reading this correctly) and wondering if I should continue with metformin.

COQ10 100-200mg was recommended to me for mitochondrial function (possibly causing CFS, post viral fatigue, etc).

Hi and welcome to the rapamycin news forums.

I would take it a little slower (in terms of dose ramping) if I were you… effectively you’ve gone from 3mg of so per week, then to 6mg or so per week very quickly. I went much more slowly when I first started 1mg week, for a few weeks, then 2mg a week for a few weeks, …

I recommend you check out these threads:

You have to be careful with grapefruit and any other medication you’re taking as you can easily overdose with other medications and grapefruit.

I had to look up PEM… for those like me, it stands for post-exertional malaise (PEM) Symptoms of ME/CFS | Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) | CDC

We’ve had many people with CFS here post their dosing strategies and results here in the past. To search on “CFS” just enter it in the search area at the top of the page, or click on this link: Search results for 'CFS' - Rapamycin Longevity News

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But, I have had that all of my life. That’s a thing? :laughing:


I will go back to 1mg next week; somehow I missed those threads in the beginning.

Does anyone have thoughts on coq10.

When side effects from Rapa, occur, are they fairly immediate or do they occur days or weeks later.

I have been taking rapamycin for over two years titrating until I found the dose for me that does not produce unpleasant side effects. Now I am in stasis with rapamycin.
I feel nothing on the first day of my weekly dose. It does not seem to affect anything on the first day. I take it in the morning. It does not affect my sleep.
The second day is when I feel its effects in the form of decreased energy.
If I overdose the effect is diarrhea on the second evening.

If TRT is once in 17 or 20 days, what would be the ideal timing.