Increase Adipogenises/Lipogenises in the face to rejuvenate the face

Face fat is very important to appearing youthful ; As I age I notice despite remaining the same weight the fat in my face is decreasing ; Even when I gain weight it never goes to my face

Face fat grafting doesn’t produce the results that I want , as it it is highly unpredictable; face fat grafting only lasts for 5 years

It seems everything destroys fat in the face , but nothing increases it ; Lasers , radiofrequency , Tretenoin destroy the fat in the face ; Tret inhibits Adipogenises , and increases senescence

From doing my research in order to increase face fat senescence /inflammation needs to be reduced and PPAR gamma needs to be increased

I’m thinking of making a pioglitazone topical with DMSO/dermarolling

Or maybe i did some research on nigella sativa oil and found that it increases ppar gamma, which is very important for subcutaneous fat. In a study, the PPAR gamma agonist showed a similar effect to rosiglitazone, which significantly increases adipogenesis and increases insulin sensitivity. Also by suppressing the COX-2 enzyme which production of pge2, which inhibits adipogenesis. It also suppresses inflammatory mediators such as TNF-A. We know that inflammation is an important factor in reducing subcutaneous fat.


I think you’re on the right track…anything that reduces facial inflammation will likely support facial adipose tissue and reduce signs of aging…most obvious method is wearing SPF skin lotion on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, I tend to believe aggressive application of radio-frequency microneedling or even excessive application of retinaldehydes is likely to have the opposite affect…so Brian Johnson’s aggressive skincare routine is probably counter-productive.

And just subjectively, Brian does look rather gaunt for a 46 year old…

“Role of adipose tissue in facial aging”

“…It is widely accepted that skin stiffness, which is one of the main mechanical parameters defining the skin appearance, is continuously reduced in aging skin. Correspondingly, numerical non-invasive and minimal invasive antiaging strategies developed during the last years were mainly concentrated on the mechanical reinforcement of the skin connected with production of additional physiological or pathological collagen networks in the dermis. The increase of skin stiffness aimed by some accepted anti-aging approaches is not fullfilled in reality. For example, regular long-term topical application of the 0.05% retinaldehyde reduced the skin stiffness by approximately 24% with simultaneous increase of its elasticity by 4%.1 Application of supra-physiological temperatures (which is typical for antiaging procedures based on application of the radio-frequency currents) was shown to reduce the skin stiffness by about 30% at 45°C and by about 50% at 50°C.2 These and several other experimental and clinical results clearly refute the assumption that the stand-alone reinforcement of the skin should causally improve the appearance of the aging skin.”

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Any sources for this?

Injecting growth factors with PRP or PRF should help with lipogenesis. I don’t recommend exogenous growth factors. There is some evidence that injecting SH-Oligopeptide-1 should increase lipogenesis. I haven’t tried any of the above, but my husband is a plastic surgeon, and just yesterday, he talked to a friend of ours who was concerned about losing facial volume. Any skin “booster” with hyaluronic acid should have some effect on lipogenesis too. If you get fat grafting, you should know that the results and longevity greatly depend on the method and fat preparation used; the more stem cells, the longer the result.


Yes, but he’s an example of caloric restriction and very low body fat percentage, so like likely is not representative of people not taking that approach.

I think it was Catherine Deneuve who said “At a certain age a woman has to decide between her body and her face.” Deneuve looks gorgeous, a tiny bit plump, has obviously prioritized her face.

I am thin, thinner after having been on Metformin for a while. Skin is good, but face became gaunt. Sculptra to the rescue. I resisted this for years but finally acceded. It has worked so well – just one vial – and has lasted for a really long time.

The other thing that “helped” was Creatine – made face fuller but led to so much bloating and edema in lower legs – had to get off it. Major fail for me. Not everything works for everyone!

I think that the collagen peptides that I have been taking also help a bit.

The toolpie. calculator just assessed my apparent age as 51. I am 74.


Are you sure that your premise that everything destroys fat (presumably based on the list of the procedure that you have listed) but nothing increases it is true?

Some studies below loosely on a subject. Critically thinking on a subject a bit - Assuming that these preliminary and exploratory studies do actually hold, would topical application in humans have the same effect as oral route in rodents? As a side note, based on some of these studies one could draw a premise (in my view unsupported) that oral RA (vitamin A) would aid in converting white adipose tissue to brown fat in humans.

Topical formulation of drugs can be hard; you need to get it into the target tissue but avoid systemic distribution. I’m pretty bullish on systemic pioglitzone, though, in low doses (7.5mg is available in India). Not enough to recommend it if you don’t need blood sugar control, but if you do then there’s some chance it will increase your facial fat too. (AFAIK, there is little directly applicable research. Results with non-aging lipodystrophies have been mixed.)

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He looks much better these days than he did before. Definitely think he’s overdone the skin treatments, but he’s not anywhere near as gaunt as he was


I’m a red faced Irishman. I have an almost permanent flush, a form of rosacea, known as the Irish disease. While I don’t enjoy looking like a stoplight, it does have one benefit. At 76, I have no wrinkles. My theory is that all the blood vessels near the skin surface help to nourish the skin and keep it wrinkle free. Also, as someone who can burn from exposure to moonlight, I have always dreaded the sun. Everyone knows that vampires don’t have wrinkles.


It is advisable to approach this cautiously, as most studies on topical tretinoin highlight numerous skin benefits and there is no evidence linking it to skin thinning or fat loss. Given that tretinoin has been in use for over 50 years, this aligns with its long-standing reputation for effectiveness.
I have been using topical tretinoin for over a decade and have not experienced any adverse effects on my skin, except for some initial irritation during the first few weeks. Over this time, my skin looks better than it did at the start.


Perhaps low dose estrogen would help? Or an approach that I’ve been using with surprising results is an extreme low carbohydrate diet combined with regular dry fasting.

This is something I experienced after an illness. I lost subcutaneous fat all over especially in the face. I’ve since put weight on but it’s on the midsection visceral fat.

I did purchase some pioglitazone to trial at a low dose but concerned about the side effects. Also from what I’ve seen the fat gain is usually around the thighs when taken orally.

I have thought about topical too. What would be the recipe for such a lotion? How many mg to mls of DMSO?
I was also considering adding it to a copper peptide solution.

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Pio continues to look good. The latest chatter here and all over the anti gong sites is about Klotho.
Turns out, that besides saving dermal fat - pio can upregulate klotho more than any other small molecule I’ve looked at:


Very interesting as I was looking for a gene therapy for augmenting klotho production in the body

Have you looked at volufiline (sarsasapogenin extracted from Anemarrhena asphodeloides (aka Zhi-mu)? Supposedly it stimulates adipocyte proliferation but the study was tiny (N=28) and limited to breast and butt and they only had modest improvement. I’ve used it for about 6 weeks, don’t know if it is improving my facial fat content or if it ever will, but it is very plumping under the eye and along the naso-labial folds, perhaps merely from a good emollient effect. I gathered more info on it if you are interested but sources are scarce. I have 2 formulations and am happy to give more details if there is any interest.

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