I also consider taking proviron (mesterolone) to boost my free testosterone

thx. I work out few times a week, run (sprints), yoga and bodyweight trainings (aka calisthenics) and I eat quite well and my bodyfat is always around 14-16%
I have been a bit more conscious about training and eating in the last year which helped my testosterone levels tremendously, also my mood and productivity. But sure my testosterone is still low, it is consistent with my age, but do I really want it to be 1000? idk.
I am looking into this testosterone microdosing, seems a novel concept in TRT replacement therapies. But seems that when you start TRT replacement there is no way back, it is a lifelong commitment. That is why I was more interested in just freeing some of my TRT. Will give it a second thought though…

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i found this interesting article:

It is possible to microdose Testosterone undecanoate in small weekly doses. This might be an option. Will discuss this with my doctor. What are your testosterone levels? what were before you started to microdose?

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Last time I had them checked total t was over 1200ng/dl free test was in normal range. This is on propionate 20mg daily. Yeah the long esters can’t be microdosed as they build up over time. I was on cyp for a while at 200mg per week split into 2 100mg shots per week and had stable blood levels for the most part. For me the prop just feels natural. Super short half life is pretty close to mimicking stable natural levels so it feels solid. No peaks and valleys with levels. I’ve been on trt since 2016 and just switched to prop over the last 12 months and like it. saw a video on more plates more dates YouTube channel that made me want to try. Mine is not prescribed. Before 2016 my test levels were super crashed from doing a lot of cycles in my 20s. Total t was 230ng. Dr wouldn’t prescribe because they wanted sub 200 levels to have insurance cover it so I just have my source and periodically get blood work. Only issues I’ve had on trt is high hemoglobin so I’ll donate blood every 4 months