How does Rapamycin make you feel?

Eventually Ageless and Healthspan will have pretty good info on rapamycin and the biomarkers they routinely test. They could conceivably invite patients to share their EHRs to further enrich their data. It would just be observational, but could offer some insights.


Very good point.

We will need to lobby Ageless and Healthspan to get them to release this information (anonymized) … perhaps partner with an academic group that would take the data, combine it, and publish something together to help move the industry forward faster.

@szalzala and @Daniel_Tawfik What do you think - any chance we could get your companies to share some anonymized patient data and lab results, to help identify the dose / benefit tradeoffs with rapamycin as used by your clients?

We could probably get money from the group to fund the evaluation, summary and publishing of the data. I’m happy to co-ordinate this effort if you guys are up for it.

Hey @RapAdmin let’s make this happen. Let’s set up some time to discuss. We are tracking this qualitatively and monitoring biomarkers overtime and provide you with some of our data set. I’ll email you to setup a time to discuss.


OK - I will contact you offline - Thanks! I hope Ageless will join in too.

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I am writing you now.


My dosing of everything I take including prescribed medications is a best guess either by my doctor or me,
I adjust my dosing based on my research and I try to keep current.
My stack is constantly being updated as per dose or efficacy.

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I have been taking Rapamycin for almost 2 years now. At first, I had a euphoric fatigue around dosing time when I was taking about 9-10 mg eq. a week. After a while, on the same dosing, the fatigue disappeared and it became more of an ‘energized’ feeling for a couple of days. It coincided with my addition of daily taurine, so that could be the key.

For several months now, I have moved on to a higher dose of 14 mg bi-weekly and that euphoric fatigue and energized feeling are both gone and I generally feel fatigued for a few days after dosing. However, during the second week, my body feels energized like before. This is my N=1 experience and I’m not sure what conclusions I should draw from this.

My biomarkers for HBA1C (4.9) and lipids (LDL 65) are all in optimal ranges after the addition of daily Bempedoic Acid, Ezetemibe and Metformin (500 mg).

Maybe I need to go back to 9-10 mg eq. a week or stay at a higher dose on a bi-weekly schedule?