Has anyone tried Prodrome Sciences? Also anyone know how to increase choline plasmalogens and gastrointestinal fatty acids?



I designed the ProdromeScan blood test to be a reasonably comprehensive introduction to the biochemical basis of health and disease. The ProdromeScan blood test is a balance of advanced and traditional biomarkers. The advanced, clinically validated biomarkers come from my numerous patents, scientific publications, clinical trial collaborations around the world. These biomarkers are only available in the ProdromeScan test. The ProdromeScan blood test also includes key traditional biomarkers as well. However, the ProdromeScan blood test integrates and explains these biomarkers according to their role in the biochemical mechanisms of health and disease and in relation to the other biomarkers in the ProdromeScan blood test. The ProdromeScan blood test is designed to help you achieve optimal biochemical health and keep it.

I supplemented plasmalogens, which increased ethanolamine plasmalogens but not choline plasmalogens…