Hair loss or regrowth using Rapamycin or Metformin?

Hi folks! First day on here. I wanted to discuss with any of you in regards to any potential hair loss and/or hair regrowth from using any of the two drugs, primarily rapamycin. Thank you!

Kind regards, Eduardo

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I have not heard of hair regrowth from metformin but there is research to suggest that topical rapamycin cream/serum regularly rubbed into the scalp may help with hair regrowth and color (see link below).

Also, a few people have posted in the thread below about trying it, and their results.

See this link:


Other papers on rapamycin and mTOR and hair growth:

Stimulation of Hair Growth by Small Molecules that Activate Autophagy (full paper below)

and another:

deng2015.pdf (701.9 KB)


Study mentioned alpha-ketoglutarate before metformin.

Hair grew from the pigmented skin area of a-KG-treated mice within 5–7 days, and by day 39 post-treatment, a-KG-treated mice exhibited robust hair growth; in contrast, control mice showed little or no hair growth overall.

Can’t find the formula for the topical AKG in the paper. Will need to poke around for other studies. Metformin looks promising though, based on your other post, with pics of two women, pre and post topical metformin. Proportions were also provided (ten percent metformin).


Full article on AKG and hair growth.

Hair regeneration by small molecules that activate autophagy

Looks like fisetin also induces hair growth.