Hair loss or regrowth using Rapamycin or Metformin?

Hi folks! First day on here. I wanted to discuss with any of you in regards to any potential hair loss and/or hair regrowth from using any of the two drugs, primarily rapamycin. Thank you!

Kind regards, Eduardo

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I have not heard of hair regrowth from metformin but there is research to suggest that topical rapamycin cream/serum regularly rubbed into the scalp may help with hair regrowth and color (see link below).

Also, a few people have posted in the thread below about trying it, and their results.

See this link:


Other papers on rapamycin and mTOR and hair growth:

Stimulation of Hair Growth by Small Molecules that Activate Autophagy (full paper below)

and another:

deng2015.pdf (701.9 KB)