FDA Rules NMN to be a Drug Not a Supplement

I tend to agree with you, but it is not a slam dunk here.

NR and NMN aren’t really in foods are they? Nor are they really members of the B family. Kind of and in small amounts?


Also I remember when Lustgarten did one on CD38 inhibitors:

Of course he’s brilliant, and of course somebody in the comments wanted to know why he was trying to give people cancer.

Spermadine has the same issue of helping cancer more than it helps the host.

I love reading Jon Rappoport because he uses his own brain, but I have to say there are better brains around. He still says Covid isn’t real.

From where are you getting your info for all these claims and stats?


Although this isn’t specifically related to Rapa, it would be nice if you provided evidence for your statements. You kinda just sound like someone with a big chip on their shoulder against allopathic medicine.


I add a spermidine supplement to EVOO for the first 4 days after taking Rapamycin to enhance the autophagic effects. However the pro cancer effects are worrisome. :frowning: Same thing applies to NMN and antioxidants. Once you get cancer, these supplements protect it.

But, before you get cancer, these supplements prevent cancer. A truly double edged sword.

But rapa should be pretty damn protective of cancer, right? So things that elevate cancer risk should be less concerning to those of us on rapa than to those of us who are not. Of course it doesn’t follow that it’s not worth worrying about or considering.

In theory, yes. The higher the dose the better the protection from the studies i have seen, though it depends in type of cancer. Not all cancers are mitigated.

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I am yet to see any stoppage of NMN sales?

Give it time. Sometimes the FDA issues these edicts but either doesn’t enforce them or first sends out warning letters to manufacturers.

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Yes, we can all thank David Sinclair for this one. After numerous attempts, no research institute could replicate his resveratrol study results. Essentially, he sold the industry snake oil. Rather than leaving silently he’s doubling down on his snake oil concoction and has successfully lobbied to take out access to NMN, the more evidence based & replicated leader converted into NR+ as needed for NAD. He’s holding longevity supps users hostage to make him relevant again. He can’t patent NMN, but he can backdoor restrict access in US to it by submitting the request to explore it as an active drug component. It’s genius because it wasn’t used widespread enough to overrule the lobbyists request. However, now any use will only be approved via his studies or with a prescription for company to fulfill. He’s removed from the longevity enthusiast’s toolbox. Now we just need to forget it existed and act surprised when his company wins awards for their drug doing all the things we knew NMN was found and suspected of doing. Also the price will be stupid expensive and we won’t be able to regulate the purity intake as easily. The :us: takes care of big business so this shouldn’t be a surprise.


You are probably correct. But based on the opinions of several longevity experts including Peter Attia and Matt Kaeberlein, and the results of the ITP trial, I don’t think longevity seekers will be missing anything that is particularly valuable if they do without NAD, NMN and related compounds


Even if it were classified as a drug, it can still be OTC, like aspirin, dextrometorphan (antitussive), or tylenol.

NMN doesn’t help your epigenetic age. I tested it on myself. It probably doesn’t extend lifespan. It’s great for overcoming jet lag or recovering from too little sleep. It provides energy to many people, so they think it’s good for them. It’s over-hyped but I still use it because I fall into the too little sleep category. For most of you, it’s probably not worth it. Stick with Rapamycin. I’d even say Omega-3s are better for your health.

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This video explains that the link between NMN NR supplements and breast cancer is not high. The researchers took active breast cancer cells and injected them into the mice hearts. Gosh, I wonder what will happen…

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Discussion on NR study here: