Fake Zydus Sirolimus?


This has been discussed in other threads. You will spend more on testing than purchasing real Pfizer RAPAMUNE® (sirolimus).

Getting a prescription and purchasing at a local pharmacy will cost you much less than testing.


I also have a doubt on my Zydus sirolimus, by google search i found this post.
No feeling, no side effect after 3 weeks in 6mg-12mg-18mg dose. Share my sirolimus
snapshot, however, glad to find out low chance of getting fake rapamycin.


You could have a blood test preformed after you take your rapamycin. This is the least expensive way to test.

Blood testing for rapamycin for $60.00 through Marek Diagnostics.{the same LabCorp test, this is $500.00 using LabCorp directly]

A discount code was available back in March 3 2023 see;

Do not know if the discount code still works as of this posting Augest 08, 2023

I have no financial interest in Marek Diagnostics.

As sending a sample from your purchase would cost much more than your purchase. As I stated above;

“You will spend more on testing than purchasing real Pfizer RAPAMUNE® (sirolimus).”

Testing a sample would cost $1,000 or more


I got the capsules from AllDayChemist. I’ve been getting my tretinoin and tazarotene from them for years.

I know for a fact that they are not only real but also effective because they have a night/day effect on my dog.

It’s like she was asleep for the last three years and she suddenly woke up. Her eyes are clearer, she’s much more involved and affectionate, she wants more walkies, and she is much happier and interactive. She’s a rough collie and will be 13 in October. Life expectancy for her breed is 10-12 years.


The chance of those pills being counterfeit are very slim. Lots of other drugs that are much more expensive and widely used would a more likely target.