Ezetimibe Reduces Alzheimer's Disease Risk (study)

A study I posted earlier (possibly on another thread?) showed that taking ezetimibe at least 4 hours apart from vitamin E prevented the inhibition of vit E absorption, so it would make sense that the same would be true of ALA. I now take my ezetimibe at night, since I put ground flax seed and walnuts in my morning smoothie (both rich in ALA). Also another study showed no inhibition of EPA or DHA, so if you take fish or krill oil, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Saudi-Egyptian paper and animal model but still interesting when combined with the AD finding above: Repurposing ezetimibe as a neuroprotective agent in a rotenone-induced Parkinson’s disease model in rats: Role of AMPK/SIRT-1/PGC-1α signaling and autophagy 2024