DYI hearing tests and tracking improvements, decline, hearing loss, tinnitus

Does anyone track their hearing over time to measure effects of different treatments? Something that create an audiogram.


I found this which uses calibration.

I think they are called audiometers. Are there alternatives like using mobile apps? What about buying equipment from AliExpress? How do they compare with online tests?

Bryan Johnson:


I track the High Frequency test. It is an easy thing to do.


Why do you use that over a test that produces audiogram for left and right ear?

Because it is easy. hhhhhhh20char

That test doesn’t differentiate between left and right ear which is important to me.

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I am not saying other tests have no use.

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X is left ear.

15 kHz on the other audio test.
I have tinnitus in my left ear from Burow’s solution I used long ago.

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@AnUser Have you looked at the thins in the threads about tinnitus? Any thoughts on whether those apps that Bryan Johnson uses to “workout/train” his ears have any merit?

And eg

Do you have links to papers for the devices?

I don’t have tinnitus so did not look into it too deep at this point, but if I recall right both companies list key literature and I linked to their web pages / articles about them - and I think I also posted one paper on one of the threads after a question from another forum member.

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Online tests may give some indication of high frequency hearing loss and test for difficulties hearing with background noise, but it’s not a substitute for a formal hearing assessment. Professional audiometers are calibrated to produce tones at specific decibel levels. And air conduction, speech, and bone conduction can be compared.

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