Dutch Volunteers Wanted: Make Rapamycin Blood Testing a Reality Across Europe

Ik wil meehelpen. Hoor graag hoe en wat in mijn DM!

@Melih @Dirk ik heb jullie een bericht gestuurd.


Sure, I will also start shipping to the US but I worry about regulatory things, I don’t even know if the blood can stay OK for testing for this long, it has to ship across the world, from the US to the Netherlands.

I have done a test with Truediagnostics before, I had to ship from the Netherlands to the US and there was no problem, but maybe it’s different because they do epigenetic tests while I am doing “regular” blood tests, I will explore the US once NL and eventually EU is sorted out, would you be my first US customer? We can just try it out see if it works.

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@RapAdmin recommends the following schedule (Sirolimus Levels in My Blood - #14 by RapAdmin):

  • 3 hours after ingestion
  • 7 days after ingestion
  • 14 days after ingestion

I am also exploring TREGs, which is a proxy of immune function, which Rapamycin users should ideally track, but first Rapamycin!

@Neo regarding the app you mentioned, I think that Rapamycin is still too little to justify the development of an app, but I respect the vision, instead, I could make a programmatically generated PDF based on the results to visualize the Sirolimus levels in the blood for certain periods.

Are you saying we should also measure Hb1Ac at the time of the sirolimus test, that is certainly possible and Hb1Ac is already verified for dry spot blood measurements.

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I now have 4 addresses, a total of 6 people contacted me and 2 didn’t get back to me.
That means including me, we have 5 people, 5 tests each since we need 25.

I have informed everyone involved but I am waiting for supplies for the lab, the finger pricks, and other equipment. I expect to receive this somewhere mid-next week, I will then start sending out the supplies to everyone.

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I was actually only making a analog / comparison to how fasting glucose at one point in time say twice a year is not that helpful - but CGM / or multiple thinger printable even changes in HbA1c provide more info. And that your home testing solution could be impactful in a similarly to understand rapa peaks, valleys and AUC

Home Apo B would probably be more relevant as I use CGM and since HbA1c is an average of 3+ months of glucose exposure that is one of the tests that I am fine getting as part of my quarterly+ blood draws.

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Hoi Stijn, I’m also Dutch and interested

Great, I’ve messaged you!