Dupuytrens contracture Improved with Rapamycin

Just to give you guys an update. I have now been taking rapamycin on and off for a while and even gradually increased my dose temporarily to quite a high dose partially to see if it would influence the Dupuytren’s I have, but unfortunately it has had no noticeable effects on either my small loss of hyperextension or the nodule in my affected finger. In fact, in the last several months I appear to have gotten a new small nodule in my metacarpal joint on my pinky after noticing pain there from heavy pulling exercises at the gym. I’m still hoping the rapamycin is helping prevent the progression.


Ha, that happened to me. Took it in the evening and couldn’t sleep.

Great case study on Dupuytren’s contracture. My is slowly getting worse as well.

It would be amazing if rapamycin at our relatively small dosing could even slow the progression.

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Dupuytren’s update. 18 months or so.

I’ve been taking rapamycin 6 to 10 mg for the last 18 months. I tried briefly at 20 mg every other week, but it settled on the 8 mg a week skipping only if I have a soft tissue injury or dental surgery.

My Dupuytren’s contracture is stable to slightly improved since my initial six weeks of rather dramatic improvement.

Others On this forum have reported minimal improvement, and I suspect this is because of dense chords into the fingers and across the metacarpal joint Where improvement would go unnoticed.

While I had some facial tightening into the fingers, there were no contractions across the MPJ or IP joints. That is to say this was primarily Palmer where there a broader expanse of tissue that may Be recruited to stretch and Alleviate more focused contracture.

I do note that if I skip a weekly dose for whatever reason, the Palmer tightening increases but remains somewhat stretchable. After resuming within two days, I noticed significant improvement in passive and active range of motion.

Very early pitting or indentation on some of the rays has resolved in the palm most notable on my thumb ray.

So far, I have to say this is a win since there’s been Some resolution and certainly no progression, that is contrary to the natural progression of this disease.


I have this - had 2 involved areas, right hand. One is fully resolved, the other is improved slightly or at least stable. As this typically happens to susceptible individuals with aging - slowing/reversing aging could be theorized to help. My Dad and Sister have this also, a lovely genetic condition.


One thing I have found as a consequence of what I have done recently is I am more flexible in the sense that I can turn round easily in the drivers seat of a car and then drive in reverse. It strikes me that if cells function more effective these sorts of things can come as a result of cells not producing all the proteins then would ideally produce should be reduced.

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I have done hand surgery many years. Other than surgery or colaginase I know of nothing that works.

This is really revolutionary if it works for early to intermediate groups. Clearly needs a study to evaluate, but if I were developing this and was so inclined, I’d take rapamicin just for this.

When there is a benign treatment that could avoid surgery or worsening disease it deserves a chance.


Are you attributing this to Rapamycin, and if so, do you think it would work for scar tissue from flexor tendon injury


N=1 … just don’t know - had this progressing on 2 distal 1/3rd of metacarpal areas for 3-4 years. 6 months into rapa - one fully resolved, the other not progressing at all. It isn’t causation, but also not expected to happen.


Is it possible for collagen supplementation to worsen the Dupuytrens contracture ? Frankly, in the past I thought the collagen was BS, because it should be fully digested in the stomach. Brad Stanfield made some pretty convincing arguments that the collagen supplementation may be effective for skin improvement, so I started using in the past year. This also when the DC got worse, although I also turned 50 and significantly increased my weight training without using gloves around the same time.

If the collagen supplementation can increase the skin collagen matrix, couldn’t it also increase ligamental collagen and worsen the DC ?

I’m a hand surgeon and have operated on many many people with dupytren’s contracture. I have it myself, and one of the reasons I started rapamycin 9 months ago was to see if it would improve. I have observed no improvement and in fact mild progression of the disease while taking the rapamycin. I also have osteoarthritis and have experienced progression of the arthritis while taking rapamycin. Of course, I am n= 1, but still I am fairly disappointed in the negative results.

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Hi. Can I ask what your dosing level is, and frequency?

Hi ,

I started at 6 mg weekly but observed a spike in my lipids and switched to 10 mg every other week. I do 3 months on and one month off.


Thanks for commenting. I too have done many Dupuytren’s resections, so I get it. This disease seems never to spontaneously resolve in my experience and training.

I have extraordinary finger mobility prior to Dupuytren’s active extension on mpj was -45*. Passive -90*.

Over years active ROM dropped to a “normal” 0* and passive -10*. For me very noticeable in surgery. I had palmar involvement only.
About 5 years ago, After a 5 day fast I regained some extension. I thought it weird. Second fast 5 months later the same thing happened. Fast forward to starting rapamycin. ROM returned.

That was the only change in medication. I was on a statin also.

I commented on this in this forum.

I would love to hear others opinions and reflections regarding this topic. I’m 69 yo now.

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