Do I need to ramp up again?

I eat 1-2 grapefruits 1-4 hours before taking 4 mg Rapamycin which comes out to about a 12-14 mg equivalence. I repeat this every 2 weeks.

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Do you already draw blood 2-3hs after take your rapa to know the concentration? I did last sunday. I took 8mg with a soup spoon OOil last sanday, then after 3 hs my blood rapa was 23,348 ng/dl.

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What does the comma mean in your measurement “23,348 ng/dl” is that just over 23nano grams or just over 23 micro grams per decilitre.

Sorry! Correcting: 23,348ng/mL.

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Its still not clear what you mean by the comma. For some people it would be a decimal point.

Is this about 23 nano grams per millilitre or 23 micrograps per milllitre.