DIY Rapamycin skin cream

Or better yet just get your skin treated by these folks. $500 a month seems a little expensive but I guess we only have one skin.

“Includes the Standard Dosing of Rapamycin and eventually Standard Dosing of Tretinoin with Fluocinolone”

It’s an interesting idea to combine rapamycin cream with tretinoin. Will definitely try.

I thought you were against using Retin-A/tretinoin, no?

I was, but in combination with rapamycin I may try on a few spots on my hands. Currently, I’m using Metformin cream and a separate rapamycin cream at night. Neither one of them produces quick results. Tretinoin may expedite the process.


I could be mistaken, but I always thought that sunscreens are designed to stay on skin surface. With rapamycin, we want skin absorb it.


Thanks for the response. I later thought about using the sirolimus cream at night and no need for sunscreen. The thing with me is that I’ve never used a face cream and most often forget sunscreen. And this from a mostly bald 69yo with lots of age spots who grew up in the Midwest. Today I purchased Aquaphor for the sirolimus cream (ala Dr. Green) and I’ll use it at night. I do see a dermatologist every 6 months as I am definitely at risk of melanoma.

Wow what a difference: the 3mg you write as opposed to the 45mg Radiata writes about a few replies up.

The spreadsheet from Radiata is 25mg. Anyway, big difference. What am I missing here?

There has only been one study done on rapamycin skin cream for aging skin, but quite a few studies on rapamycin skin cream for other skin disorders. The range of percent rapamycin in these skin creams is quite large… so nobody really knows what is going to be the most effective dosing level. People are trying different levels because of this.


Thank you for responding. I will probably go with Dr Green’s formula. I need to do a bit more research. I’ll post what I do.


Just saw this on twitter:


I see @Krister_Kauppi joined in the conversation. If you manage to get the pictures will you share your thoughts?
This Nuzzio guy says also that oral rapamycin that his wife takes does not help the skin, that she is more gaunt… I was just looking at myself yesterday during two zoom sessions and I had the same feeling, but at the end it must be the fat loss that is making my face seem different/older. Maybe I was just tired yesterday, who knows…

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BJ’s face needs some fat to look younger. Could be the consequence of 13mg of Rapa that he’s taking. My dose is much less than his and my face doesn’t look gaunt even though I be been on Rapa for a long time, but fat in other than face places is almost gone. BMI though stays normal (20), and I was even able to gain 3 pounds.


Totally agree with that. His skin is looking really healthy, but the lack of fat makes him look ill and older than he is.

I have seen this time and again. Unfortunately, losing weight almost always makes your face look older. I have seen this in myself and some family members who lost weight without rapamycin. Rapamycin probably has nothing to do other than weight loss with making one look older.

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Yes. I know. But as Madonna said at one point you have to decide between your face looking younger or your ass. :sweat_smile:


Today I mixed 12 mg sirolimus (12 1mg pills) with 7oz. Aquaphor and 50ml Transcutol. The rationale for using more Transcutol than I’ve read on this board is twofold.

  1. Aquaphor is really viscous.
  2. This research article: PMC6848246.
    Excepts: “Transcutol® has been formulated at concentrations of up to 49.9% in topically applied FDA-approved products.” “Transcutol® does not compromise the integrity of the skin structures. With superior solubilization power, unique physicochemical properties, and well-established safety profile, it is an ideal penetration/permeation enhancer.” Caveat: " Nonetheless, its full potential in dermal delivery may be untapped if its role is not thoroughly understood."

I’m looking for feedback. I have some metformin and have green tea extract coming so I’ll probably add those to the mix. Maybe some Vit E as well. I so appreciate this board and it’s excellent moderator.


69 years old. Grew up in Midwest without sunscreen. Dermatology has me on 6 month checks to check for precancerous skin growths. When taking these photos I noticed that light and background make a big difference. So if I do post the changes in 6 months or so the comparison will not be scientific.
Hand 5-20-2023


I have asked him to share his results here. Lets see if he does that. I don’t want to be a middle man who shares private info which was sent to me. Hope everyone understands :pray:

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Yes, I did not want you to share pictures, just comment on them. :innocent: