Diet, exercise and rapamycin

This is probably oversimplified but you get the idea… Protein increases mtor, resistance training increases mtor. Rapamycin inhibits mtor.

What are you all doing with your diet and exercise? Are you doing anything different the day you take rapamycin? Maybe for even 2-3 days after taking rapamycin?

I am not all sold on mtor being the main factor in aging, and something tells me that RAPA does way more than just inhibit mtor. I don’t know why but i always believed that microbiome plays the biggest part when it comes to healthy aging and longevity, and to that end RAPA i think does some good.

As for answering your question more directly, no i don’t do anything different other than sometime (not always) i don’t take any other supp’s on the day I take RAPA, and that mainly because I take it with GFJ and the fear that GFJ might interact with some of the supplements, not necessarily because of RAPA. .

Actually I am concerned that microbiome suffers from antibiotics which are recommended to take with Rapamycin in case of an infection. Antibiotics wipe out healthy bacteria.


I’ve just been skipping weight lifting on my rapa dosing day but I’m fairly new. I just started on it in January of this year so I know very little comparatively. I’ve gained a good amount of muscle this year but I’ve tweaked my diet a bit and increased my workouts because I feel better overall. It’s definitely not hindered my fitness and body composition goals whatsoever. I actually have visible abs now which while it is a nice thing to achieve it probably doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things.


Never underestimate a six pack :smile:

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@blsm my routine is similar. I arrange my weight lifting to be 1-2 days before rapa day, and then skip 1.5 days before resuming. That way I get 3 lifts a week. I decrease my protein intake on and the day after rapa day. And I add metformin just before and stop after 4 days. I also take a supplement holiday on rapa day (keeps my addiction at bay).

On a related note. I was forced to take off a week+ of lifting due to my gym closing for 10 days “to clean”. (I was very annoyed). Ever since I find I am much stronger and I recover much faster. I guess I was over trained.

I fast overnight of course, take Rapa in the morning, then fast all day, then night. So 36 hours total. Pretty easy and I think the Rapa helps make it easier.

I’m terrible about reading something, then forgetting where I saw it. Probably on here. Was it that fasting increases Mtor2? If so, then that’s the only thing I know of that does. I’m going to keep on doing it because it really gets rid of my aches and pains.

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No - I don’t do anything different because of my rapamycin dosing schedule. I may not get the maximum value from a workout in the hours after dosing, but its more important for me to keep my schedule than to try to squeeze another %1 or so out of my workouts. It would be easy for overthink these types of issues… trying to balance meals, food content, workouts, other supplements, etc… when we really don’t have much data.

Oh… to add, I have done, and will try in the future, to fast at the same time I start my rapamycin dose. My thinking here is that research suggests that fasting increases activation of mTORC2, so that should help counter any possible mTORC2 inhibition when dosing rapamycin. See this thread: UCLA study links fasting to mitochondrial splitting and mTORC2 Activation (UCLA)


Since I happen to love the effect of fasting (not always easy to fast though) I’ll try this also.

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