Declined Part B Supplemental insurance due to Sirolimus

IMHO unless an FDA approved condition is specified they will keep rejecting you. It has to be kidney transplant rejection prevention, LAM, PEComa, Microcystic lymphatic malformations, and may be couple more.

Final update:
After ~14 weeks of effort, including getting a second, more specific, letter from Dr Green, I’ve finally been approved for Medicare Supplemental coverage from Cigna. I decided to go with Plan N to reduce the monthly premium even further. I had been on Plan G with Aetna. My premium is now $113 lower each month. I’m saving around $30/month over Cigna’s Plan G. The downside of N is $20 copays for Dr visits and $50 for ER visits. I’ll take that tradeoff. [Also Plan N won’t pay for “excess charges”, but my agent tells me they rarely occur any more.]
End of story.


Why do you dislike universal healthcare? Is it the concept, or the way it has turned out in the UK or Canada because of politics and deliberate sabotage and mismanagement? I’m genuinely curious when anyone says they are against it.


In theory, it’s a great idea. And maybe it would work if done right with eliminating all the middle men. Unfortunately the federal government is not known for doing things well. Way too much administrative costs and restrictions. The VA health care system is an expensive disaster. I have also noted that anytime something is free, people abuse the system at great cost.
Maybe a combination of patients paying cash for simple stuff and government paying for the expensive stuff.


The pioneers take the arrows…