Can you share your Longevity / HealthSpan Regime?

anything specific re blood serum?

Serum to check advanced metabolic markers such as homocysteine, CRP, NMR particle size lipid panel, carbohydrate metabolism (fasting insulin, A1c, etc…), look for autoimmune, vitamin D, anemia panel, full hormones.


sorry, know this was a year old, but what on green earth is: Apollo?lol and where do you buy it?

What type of device do you use for those body parts? (interested for my knees)

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What bio markers is this?

@neo. MitoRedLight MitoPro 300. It’s a tabletop lamp which makes it versatile but imperfect for rounded body parts. The red/IR lamp has been very effective for skin issues (poison ivy itch), joint pain in elbow, wrist, shoulder. Not effective for knee pain. I don’t have a hypothesis for why it does not work for my knees.

What has helped me with knee pain: physical therapy, analgesic cream, massage gun on tendons, foam roller and lacrosse ball on quads and hip flexors. Work in progress.

Good luck. Be patient.

Thank you @Joseph_Lavelle. Much appreciated.

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You must be a billionaire, because a multimillionaire can’t justify such price lol