Bryan Johnson Longevity Protocol Discussion (2024)

My brain hurts. And I couldn’t finish it…

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Totally agree. Don’t even want to try.

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To borrow from Leonard Cohen, he “leaves me all so vacant and so deeply unimpressed.”

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I am tempted to do the follistatin gene therapy. I’m just curious how often it needs to be done… or is it permanent?

It only lasts about 6 months is what I’ve heard… read up in this thread: Gene therapies currently available - #34 by RapAdmin

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Yikes. I thought it was 12 to 16 months. 6 months would be like $50K/year. I hope we get more clarification on this in the coming months.



I can’t, funny things happen around Bryan…

Keep us posted on how the journey goes and feels!

Bryan Johnson interviewed by Mark Hyman: