Bryan Johnson, Is he the New Poster Child for Rapamycin Use?

I am testing 50 mcg but I don’t know how long I will do so until I test my vitamin D levels. If it’s below 75 nmol/L I think I will just double to 100 mcg to keep it simple and test again after awhile.


There are numerous hypotheses concerning the processes of aging.
The controversy surrounding NMN and the optimal dosage of rapamycin to take is typical of the situation.

There are people much smarter than me, and that’s okay with me.
Johnson and Zolman clearly have better IQs and know a lot more than I do.
Still, I don’t agree with every idea they come up with.
A lot of the time, even the smartest people who win the Nobel Prize are wrong in the end.
Linus Pauling, who lived from 1901 to 1994, was wrong about how DNA is structured and how well high amounts of vitamin C work.

However, after seeing the entire film, I am mostly on their side. I don’t find them particularly cultish, if you mean intended to appeal to a small group of fashionable people.
Every music star, movie celebrity, etc. has a “cultish” following.

Bryan appears to wish to convey the knowledge he has gained about aging to everyone. After watching the full video, I am mostly in their camp for now.


I’ve listened to a half dozen interviews of Brian Johnson on YouTube and they’re all very interesting!
Brian is all about sleep. He devotes every waking moment to getting better sleep!


Bryan has a new supplement available to enhance his penile injections.


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Oh no! Not Bryan Johnson’s…“johnson” again. Seems like kind of an obsession around here. Don’t you guys have anything better to think about?!!

I found this meme and it just seemed to fit perfectly. :wink:

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I haven’t been following this too closely lately… apparently Bryan’s sidekick Kate Tolo is now following the blueprint… and I have to say, from the look of things it must be working. I swear she doesn’t look a day over 25 :wink:

If Bryan is that confident in his protocol, shouldn’t he be recruiting a 45 or 50 year old woman who wants to be 18 again too? Starting with a 27 year old female just seems like cheating…

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Brenner on the attack.


Unfortunately, I found the article to be high on fluff and low on science (nonexistent?)