Blood Sugar On Rapamycin

Do you know if inhibiting PCSK9 would be enough to offset (or more) any negative effect of rapamycin on lipids? If PCSK9 is inhibited it doesn’t matter how much rapa increases PCSK9 if that’s the mechanism of action.

I am not sure, it would depend on their exact effects on lipids and I can’t say I have looked into PCSK9 inhibitors much at all. I guess in some people they would be enough but in others they would not be enough. Note that they appear to mostly reduce LDL cholesterol and have much less of an effect on triglycerides. Rapamycin can also increase triglycerides so maybe in susceptible people PCSK9 inhibitors wouldn’t be effective enough to decrease triglycerides. In any case, rapamycin does not work through increasing PCSK9 so PCSK9 inhibitors will not necessarily offset it’s effects completely.